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Little Worried! Lock Rss

HI All, Just wanted to vent a little. Went to the doctors yesterday as I was worried how much my feet had swallon. So doctor did a check over and my blood pressure was through the roof apparently, it was 180/80. So then I had to stay there and they monitored it for about 2 hours. It didnt change much but the doctor want ed to put me in hospital, but I preswaded him to just let me go home and rest and I now have to go back today to see if anything has changed and if not what they are going to do next.
Has anyone experienced anything like this before? Would love some feedback.
Hey I havnt been threw that but I suggest rest as much as you can... It can be a sign of pre eclampsia so maybe have a google of that and see what u can find... Try not to stress will make it work... Rest rest rest is the key for now I'd say until u no more.
This happened to me towards the end of my pregnancy. The second day I went back it was fine. I just rested heaps before I went and got there early so I could have a little rest and cool down and relax before I had to go in for my appoinmtent.
sounds like pre warnings for pre eclampsia - which i am being tested for as i swell up like a balloon most days.

do some research on it but also make sure you rest alot, stress will make it worse as will trying to do too much
It's definitely a sign of pre-eclampsia, and as much as it's hard to do don't just brush it off. I had severe PE at 25 weeks and delivered by emergency c section a couple of hours after finding out. I had an eclamptic seizure in theater and I had to be resuscitated 3 times and spent the first weeks of my babys life in a coma in ICU. It's a serious thing. Hope all goes well smile
Holy Crap...that is scary....I guess I'll just take it easy for now and wait till I see my doctor in 2 hours to see what he says and what the go is. Now I'm worried. But thankyou all for your advise & feedback.
I had high blood pressure with both my pregnancies and yes my feet swelled I had kankles! The hot weather doesn't help much either. It never started that early for me though and I never got pre eclampsia. I had to be put on medication both times at around 34 weeks which involved a couple of days in hospital each time so they could get the dose right. I would be concerned if it stays that high and I guess you may end up on medication to keep it under control for as long as possible. I will add I was induced with both babies at 38 weeks. Try to rest and keep your feet up.
I had hypertension (high blood pressure) during the third trimester with my son. They didnt do anything but monitor me, calling me in every 3 days to check bp. I got diagnosed with it again this time around at 16weeks and have been put on medication, currently three times a day. They suggest putting your feet up, no stress and staying hydrated. And they usually induce you at 38wks. They will also have to keep checking your urine for signs of protien as this may indicate pre-eclampsia. Just try not to worry too much about it hun as you'll make it worse.
I went to an antenatal appointment at the hospital 2 weeks ago and my blood pressure was 180/100, I really didnt feel bad or have alot of swelling. They didnt let me leave (even though I had driven myself there, a 50 min drive!) I was hooked up to a CTG to monitor the bubs heart beat and also hooked up to blood pressure monitor. That lasted for about 2 hours. Nothing changed. They gave me some medication, checked everything again 30 mins later and my blood pressure had dropped but a little too low......I was told I would have to stay in for 24 hours as I was at risk of stroke, kidney failure and a number of other nasties. I was allowed to drive home, grab my bags and DH but had to return.

24 hours turned into 3 days in hospital with me only being discharged once my blood pressure got to 140/90 or lower. I also needed to attended a day clinic the day after my discharge for more testing.

The medication seems to be doing the trick now as I havent gone over 130/70, though I will sometimes get a little swelling in my right foot.

Its better to be safe than sorry, I hated the stay in hospital and being away from my family but you have to do what you have to do to stay healthly ( you and your bub )

Now I have a UTI - possible kidney infection....good lord, more pills to pop. Bring on this baby I say!!
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