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Dr says baby could come this weekend Rss

I am trying not to get my hopes up, but my OB did an internal and a stretch and sweep yesterday and told me that my baby is ready to go (the head was really low I think) and will probably come this weekend.

I am just wondering if anyone has been told this and if their Dr was right, or did you still have a while to wait?

I am just so excited and feel like I am just waiting around to give birth any minute now. I think I am turning into a crazy person obsessed with going into labour tongue

ETA: This is my 3rd baby. My first 2 were born very close to due date.
My Dr told me DD would come at about 38 weeks... she came 40 w 4 d!!!!
All babies are different and they have their own agendas wink
Oh bummer sad Sounds like I will just have to be patient and keep on waiting. I am so impatient as it is, and even worse when I don't have a set plan. Too bad babies don't let us schedule them. lol.
Midwife told me at 36 weeks she didn't think I would go another 5 days... I went all the way to 42 weeks and went into labour a few hours before induction. Goodluck, hopefully your bubba comes soon!
how exciting FX for you to pop this weekend!!! the waiting sucks lol

in my case all 3 of my bubs came after an S&S. #1 the dr did it 8 days after my EDD and said see you in 24hrs and winked lol, 2nd they did it on my EDD and said youll come in the morning and #3 dr did it on my EDD and said ill see you later tonight for sure! and all 3 times they were right!

hope you get to hold your darling soon! xx
I saw my Midwife on a Wednesday and we made an appointment for the following week. But she said "If I don't see you sooner." Followed by a wink. Baby came 3 days later.
I've been told for each of my children that they were going to come early (about 35wks) and they didn't make an arrival until late in the 39th wk. For this pregnancy I was told that bub was coming at 26, 27 and 29wks and was even given steriods but I am now 37wks and counting...Its a guess what they say really as everyones body behaves differently.
My bubs both engaged Quite early but my dr told me not to get excited because that means nothing.I know I had contractions on and off for my second for about a wk before it actually happened and my first I had no clue my waters just broke and contractions started.Lucky for me I have never gone to 40wk mark my first came out at 37and 4days my second 39wks fingers crossed you get to meet your bubba soon all the bestxx
Yep, but not my doc a midwife said she thought she would be seeing me before my induction (my 1st bub). I was in hospital for a check (I had high bp) on the Saturday afternoon I had the monitor on that records contractions etc... It showed I was having regular bh though I couldn't feel them! I had a restless night the sunday night kept waking feeling "weird" than at 7.30am Monday morning my waters broke and ds was born at 22.22pm. I was booked in for an indution on the Tuesday.
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