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IBS and pregnancy Lock Rss

I am looking for some advice, as my IBS had come back with a vengeance! Bloating/gas/constipation... Yippee!
I know some of that is normal for pregnancy, but I was diagnosed with IBS a few years ago and am struggling with it at the moment!
Any advice would be wonderful! Currently I am taking Fybogel and watching my diet, but not winning as yet!
Thanks for that! Congrats on the weight gain! How do you handle eating out? This is a pretty bad time of year and some friends have told me I avoid anything with ham, chicken and salad incase it's not washed properly.
Kind of really limits the field!
I had a few bouts during my pregnancy with DD, since having her ive had one bad attack and a couple of small ones. I used to be sick nearly every week!
I was constipated and gassy at the start of this pregnancy, but it cleared up by about 14 weeks.

Hopefully it will clear up for you! IBS is friggin awful : (
I too have IBS and pregnant, however I am probably no help as I only got diagonosed with IBS about 3-4 months ago... So I am still learning my self!! Add that with server morning sickness (24/7) = a sadpanda I am!

ME - 23
DH - 25

Miss Willow

Keeping fit and healthy in pregnancy!!

Hi, Id like to bring this topic back up as Im suffering really bad with my IBS symptoms.

I am 10 weeks and I have extreme bloating (which is very painful at times), constipation and so on. I know all the stuff about not eating insoluble fibre and eating as much soluble fibre as I can..however this is very difficult as I cant keep much down, I have been sick for weeks and nothing helps, so I eat what I can, when I can.

I have been told to have psyllium husks (the powder to make into a drink) but that does not stay down as the texture makes me sick everytime, not fun. Can anyone suggest foods/drink that will help my symptoms? I would be very greatful! smile
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