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Pre-eclampsia Lock Rss

Lately my blood pressure is high for me ( I'm 33 weeks now at 132/90 it started off at 20 weeks as 105/60)

I have had protein in my urine my past two pre-natal visits and in the last two weeks I have started swelling in my hands and feet significantly and swelling in my face.

So naturally I've started to get worried, so I lurked symptoms and all signs are pointing to pre-eclampsia.

In the past week I have started having cramping feelings on my right side and long headaches which cause fatigue also.

I want to tell someone about my worries but I don't want them to think I'm just over-reacting or looking for some attention, so I was wondering what does this sound like to you?

I'm only considering pre-eclampsia because that's what all the signs point to with all of my symptoms, it just seems like a very odd coincidence, like I said, what do you think it could be and is it worth calling the hospital and expressing my concerns?
I would let someone know.

I had pre eclampsia and there are different extremes. For me I was on home bed rest and medication but ended up being induced because my hind waters broke. The biggest draw back is that if you are able to have a natural birth you will most likely have to have the monitor attached to watch the babies heart rate. Alot of the time its caught early enough that the mother can be on bed rest to term. Sometimes admitted to hospital on bed rest.

Dont stress about it and dont worry about what people might think. My midwives told me they would rather see me a hundred times with no problem than have me not come the one time there is a problem.

Good luck!

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

It would be very irresponible of them to dismiss you, I think you have every right to be concerned! Write down your symptoms so you don't forget anything and let them know when you go in. Getting told your fine is the best case scenario, not something to be ashamed of smile

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