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What are the gaps of age between your kids and how many do you have? Lock Rss


I have 3 beautiful boys aged 8, 7 and 5. They are now all at school and our family has now moved out of the baby stage and onto the schooling years. Well that was until yesterday! Turns out I am now pregnant with number 4 - before anyone casts judgement we have always been very careful to not find ourselves in this situation so I can say honestly say this is a massive shock to my husband and myself!
I am not able to be excited at the moment because I am too worried about a couple of things. Firstly, there is now going to be an almost six year gap between my youngest son and this baby. I am sure this baby will be another boy but I am worried that because he will be so much younger than the others he will be excluded by them? I also worry about having 4 kids - it means a bigger car, bigger house in time and of course bigger private school fees!

Has anyone else out there found themselves in this situation and might be able to offer advice?? Or just tell me they did it and it will all work out smile
Hi tanzy my boys are 11, 8, 5 and a two year old turning 3 next week. I didnt notice much from going to 3 to 4 kids except as liam got older he was def more of a handful and alot more active then the others where. Mine dont have huge age gaps so cant really comment on that and yes you do need a bigger car, we have a four bedroom house but quite large living areas so enough room. We have a prado but im getting a landcrusier at the end of the year. It is tiring but worth it! Im ttc number 5 so i must not find it to hard!
LOL talk about age gap my first three children (from first marriage) are 22, 20 and 16 and at the moment Im 30 weeks pregnant all boys. Its a bigger adjustment going back into baby mode after so many years but the older ones are looking forward to baby sitting. Just take it one day at a time and you will find the older children will look after the young one. When my oldest was five I had the third child and he took to being a big brother really well and they often played together. Just dont rely on the older children to always be there allow them some time out and time to themselves and you'll find the little one will be submerged into their playtime. Goodluck smile
My son and daughter are 2 yrs 4 months apart and our next baby (due in a month) and my daughter will be a simillar age gap.

Although I am happy to stop at 3, we haven't ruled out having a 4th!

Good luck smile

My eldest dd turns 8 in April, I have 6 yr old twin dd's and my ds has just turned 1!!!! We were just at the stage to be able to do lots more like travelling etc but I felt the need to have another bub and thankfully we were blessed with ds. My older kids are a wonderful help with ds. But I too worry of them excluding ds as he gets bigger. I know they will to a certain extent as being girls they will be into different thing but at the moment they absolutley adore ds and take him to play when they play games in their rooms, It's very cute to watch them. I would love for ds to have a playmate his own age as I love the bond that my eldest 3 have.
Yeah it is going to be extra costs in all areas but you are going to welcome a wonderful new bub in to your family. One thing I've found with having ds is that I can enjoy him so much more with their being only 1 bub to take care of. I would love 1 more but dh doesn't sad But maybe I'll get my wish.
Good luck with your pregnancy Tanzy101.
ive only got 3 and there close together so i cant really give any advise but im sure youll find a way to make things all work out smile as they say you never regret the kids you have, just the ones you didnt. im sure your boys will love having a little bubba in the house and unlike silly old me at least with a gap all your kids accept bub wont be in carseats! so you still have a great range of cars to choose from smile xx congrats!
I personally myself don't have four children, but am the oldest child of five! I am 31 then my sister is eighteen months younger, and our brother who is now 24 was born eight years later. Then my mother and father had two more children, my younger sister when i was sixteen and the youngest who is now 11. We all get along great and the age hasn't bothered any of us and we are all very close! My mum always says that as long as you have a loving family the cost is hard but you manage! I personally love having younger siblings:) Enjoy your new addition and don't worry everything happens for a reason and I am sure that everything will work out fine!
My three kids from my previous marraige are 15, 11 and 7 years ... so each is four years apart.... I have a 2 1/2 year old to my hubby (4 year gap again) and now i am having twins in June & there will be a three year gap.

My eldest lives with my parents,comes home some holidays... so i only have three at home - soon to be 5!

We had to buy an eight seater cruiser when i had number 4. Still have a three bedroom home.... moving later in the year but i think we'll stick to the three bedrooms for now, unless a realisticly priced 4 bedder comes up.
Things can be hectic, but its easier with the eldest ones being at school.... they are a big help with my youngest ... and reckon they will be all hands on deck when the twins arrive lol. There is no way i would cope if they were all younger and closer together!
Hi - I also have 3 children - DD is 3yr & twins who are 18m and just found out that we are expecting #4 (was also a total surprise) - it takes a bit to get your head around it! I shed a few tears as well - but I'm sure it will be all good & I'm sure your older children will adapt very well (at least they are at school) - once it sinks in you'll be okay

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I have 4 little people- DS#1 6, DS#2 5, DD 3, DS#3 23months. Age gaps- 12months between DS#1 & 2, 22months between DS#2 & DD, 15months between DD & DS#3.

I am pregnant with #5, DS#3 will be 2 & a 1/2 when he/she is born.

You find away financially etc... It's love and fun that get you through wub
I have been blessed with four children

First two with my ex husband
Boy 14yrs
girl in heaven 12 {this yr }`misscarrage at 16wks

Boy 13 months
Bub in heaven was due 31.5.2012 misscarrage at 11,wks.

TTC again
Thanks everyone! I can't tell you how much better I am feeling after reading your posts tonight! Still in a slight state of shock but I think excitement is also starting to kick in smile we have already started the search for a new house to fit us all in!
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