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girl or boy? Lock Rss

So last year everybody i knew was having boys. So far one of my 4 pregnant friends r confirmed to be having a girl anther finds out today. So whats everybody having? Boy or girl?
Well last year I had a girl. wink
Last year, I had a girl and so did two of my friends... All within a couple of weeks too!

Haha wel so far looks lyk last year it was only the ppl i knew having boys haha.
Im having twin boys in June
I don't knwo yet!!

ME - 23
DH - 25

Miss Willow

Keeping fit and healthy in pregnancy!!

In 2011, so many of my friends and people that I knew had girls.

I'm having a boy in April smile
Im due to have a BOY in April!
I don't know yet but I am crossing my fingers for a girl!!!

Ok so my 2nd friend is havng a girl too. So gues il wait n c wat my other 2 mates r havng and then myself. B funy if we al had girls
In 2010 when I had DD, our whole maternity ward had girls and our mothers group only has 3 boys in our group of 16 or so!!

This year we're having a BOY!! grin

Last year a girl
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