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If you didn't get stretch marks during your first pregnancy... Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

Just wondering, if you didn't get stretch marks in your frist pregnancy, did you get them for subsequent pregnancies?

And if you didn't get any with your first, was it because you had some sort of routine to try to keep them away and did you follow the same routine for the subsequent pregnancies?

I knew I was prone to stretch marks (I got a few light ones that you can't even see any more during puberty), I knew that they run in my family (my sisters and mother are like roadmaps! lol) and so with my first pregnancy I tried to keep them to a minimum and not actually believing I'd stop them appearing altogether. But it took a fair bit of work and I just don't know if I could be bothered this pregnancy, lol. Not the end of the world if I did get them, its just that I would feel bad if I got them just due to be being lazy!! lol.

Thanks smile

I only got a couple with my first pregnancy. I would use the palmers lotion but not every single day. With my second pregnancy I got quite alot. She was laying alot lower then what my DS did so I think that may be why. I did use the lotion for my second pregnancy but not as much.

With my first I was head to toe in palmers stretch mark butter but still got covered in stretch marks. And this time around got more stretch marks! So I guess I'm just prone to them .
I didnt get any , i moisturised once a day and used bio oil once a day aswell.I was very healthy and didnt over eat.Then once i had my baby i stopped cooking as i was so tired and put on 10 kilos!!! so i was good the whole pregnancy only to put on weight after pregnancy lol. But also silica and zinc will be good to take for them.Oh so because i put on the weight sso fast after my pregnancy from eating bad food i got a tone! on stretch marks because i put the weight on so fast.
I didn't get any stretch marks during my pregnancy with ds....mind you I only got as far as 31 weeks when he was born. I rubbed soreboline cream all over my belly after showers, maybe this helped I don't know huh

This pregnancy I'm doing the same, rubbing soreboline all over. Hopefully I'll get further along in this pregnancy, I wonder if the stretch marks, if any start to appear smile

i agree with the others, i think its more to do with your skin type and genetics than anything else. but moisturiser etc are still good as they stop your tummy getting itchy and dry as you get bigger.
me personally, i got a couple of tiny little marks around my belly button because of where the skin was weakened where i had a piercing once (i dont think id have gotten any otherwise) and then those same marks got a tiny bit more defined with #2 and #3. you can barely see them now, and i got huge! my friend did everything under the sun to avoid marks, didnt get all that big and still had tonnes of really bad ones..i dont think theres really much you can do unfortuneately
Hi - I really think it is a genetic thing, I never got any with my first or my second (and I had twins) - my mum never got them either, I also didn;t get stitches either. The same goes for my friend she never got thm & neither did her mother. I spent heaps of money during my first pregnancy applying specail creams - hover during my twin pregnacy I only applied what I had to hand & only if I felt dry of itchy - I also didn't get twin skin - in fact if you look at my tummy you can't even tell I've had children at all! I started out as a size 8-10 and put on so much weight I stopped weighting myself over 20kgs - I think its luck of the genetic draw - good luck

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My two sisters were both pregnant at the same time one used bio oil the other didnt use anything and the one who didnt use anything had a tone and my other sister didnt have any except on her boobs because she forgot to put it there, so that proves to me that its not genetics.
I'm not really sure if I believe its always a genetic thing or a case of you either have stretchy skin or you don't. (Well except for 4kiddies who obviously as mazingly stretchy skin!!!! WHOA!!!! lol). For some people this may be the case but not for all. And definitely not the case for me.

As per my orginal post, I know I was prone to stretch marks after getting them during puberty. I also knew genetically I was fighting up an uphill battle after seeing both my sisters and my mother get covered with them from their pregnancies. That's why I decided to try to minimise them. Like I said, I never thought I'd actually stop them completely. But the things I did might not working for any one else.

Thanks for your replies ladies smile

I'm only on my first pregnancy, and at 21 weeks the only stretch marks I have are on the lower left side of my stomach around my laparoscopy scar - I'm thinking because of the surgery the muscles there are weaker, making them more prone to stretch marks? I haven't put on any weight as of yet but I do have quite a baby bump on me and my regular clothes no longer fit - I'm now into maternity wear! I'm using Bio-Oil twice a day as the bottle says, so we'll see what happens smile
My first pregnancy was when I was 17 and I only got stretch-marks in the last 2 weeks and all on my underwear line only. My 2nd pregnancy I was 23 and I put on a lot of weight, and got stretch-marks all over my belly, and again only in the last week. I am currently 23 weeks (and 28yrs old) and I just spied stretch-marks tonight! gasp( And I actually lost 8kg's in the first 16 weeks, and have only put on another 5kg's, so my belly is smaller than I've ever had.... The new ones are criss-crossed over my ones from my 2nd preg, so I'm thinking maybe that's what's caused it....??? In respect to creams etc, I have smothered every day this preg, but only very intermittently with the first two, so i don't think they make any difference. I used Vitamin A & E oil on my stretchies when my first bub was about 2yrs, and they faded quite significantly, didn't bother after 2nd bub, but they are only really noticeable if I get a spray-tan (the pigment mustn't work on scar tissues). With genetics, my sister didn't get any in 3 pregnancies, and neither did my mum in 3 pregnancies, so dunno???
Sorry to sound so negative, not my intention, but just wanted to share my experiences... Everybody is different, some ladies get none, and some get heaps. I know we shouldn't be ashamed of them, but unfortunately we are. It'd be nice if there was a way we could normalise it, so that there wasn't such a stigma surrounding them, something to hope for for the future I guess... gasp)
With my first pregnancy I got quite a few bad ones at the bottom of my tummy. I didn't use anything to try prevent getting them.

With my second pregnancy I didn't get any stretch marks and I religiously used Bio-oil and sometimes Palmer's Cocoa Butter on my tummy. Worked really well and I'm doing the same thing this time around.
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