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Well this is my second pregnancy, with my first i didnt have any cravings at all really. But this time around I'm having chronic cravings for either mac and cheese or hot chips and gravy. Can any one tell me why i would be having these cravings? or have any of you had similar cravings?

mmm, i remember them,

i had cravings for DS but not for DD,

I craved a big mac, caramel sunday, macca's coke - all from macca's

also i craved

chicken kebab, fish cake, fruit salad, mashed potato and sausages with gravy smile

if your anything like me im guessing ur having a girl

you tend to cravethe nutrients you need, so there must be something in that gravy your body wants haha. i craved lots of fruit an dveg with DS and this time around i feel like fatty things, always want boiled potatoes with a whole pile of butter. . . .nom nom nom. ok now i want that but its 10pm lol
I craved Vindaloo Curry, Ice Cream with Strawberry Jam & Chocolate drink powder, & Nutella straight from the jar!!!!

I craved Vindaloo Curry, Ice Cream with Strawberry Jam & Chocolate drink powder, & Nutella straight from the jar!!!!

Ten points for the vindaloo curry! LOVE them, but by God if they're done right they buuurn sooo good!

My cravings have been for chicken salad sandwiches (was extremely early in the pregnancy - before I even knew I was pregnant, but put 2 and 2 together later on), potatoes (boiled, mashed, in a potato bake...), seafood sticks, KFC potato and gravy, and lately chips with loads of chicken salt and gravy! Ohh... And I almost forgot - curry pies too smile

Don't know what the old wives tales are about cravings predicting gender, but we're having a girl wink
Ohhhh I so agree about the vindaloo... But I forgot to mention that I couldnt handle the slightest bit of spice before I was UTD laugh Its wierd though.. I actually crave more food now that DD is here!!! I.E I crave choccy now & I hated it before I was UTD!!
The three things our bodies crave more than anything else -pregnant or not - is salt, fats and sugar. That's why women so often need chocolate at certain times of the month (not that I need that excuse!) So it sounds as if you lack salt if you're craving things like processed foods (mac, chips etc)

My own particular craving was: with No. 1 son, pomegranites. gasp and with No.2 son, brie cheese and wholemeal bread of all things roll eyes
anything sweet! haaha i didnt care what i ate for dinner.. as long as i had some sort of dessert after =)
and chocolate! had a big block every 2 days.. how bad of me lol
I craved chilled apple juice (must be in a glass with ice) and coco pops. Oh man, I went through boxes and boxes of them.
In the earlier stages I craved red meat, white potatos and egg & bacon pies (great for my morning sickness). I haven't been able to get enough choc milk the whole time, love the stuff smile
with my DS I craved hot chips and gravy, anything fatty, I hated chicken, couldn't eat bacon or spaghetti bol., I wanted caramel, bananas and I think that was about it
this time early on it was salad rolls, then kfc or bbq chicken, salad, veg, anything sweet I love sweet! uh there have been a few others I wrote down but can't remember but I got it most early on they have calmed down now except for sweet things oh early on in this pregnancy I couldn't stand red meat! the smell or the taste I'm okish now though.. uh I hate bananas this time and bacon.. the other night I had a massive strong craving for detol I wanted to just sniff it and drink it (i didn't of course) but thats the weirdest craving I have had oh and tuna abd jelly babies :/...
With my DS i craved lemon squeeze and ice, i ate jars of green olives and i hate olives. i loved kfc. loved red meat meals. towards the end i would stop at every drive through and get cups of ice, i was always eating, and sick only once, no nausia but i was faint a bit.

I dont know what im having yet,but i crave freshly squeezed lemon juice, milk or milk milo, i hate kfc the chips are disgusting (normally my fave) lol. i am also eating alot of peaches and apples and sweet iceblocks and olive mortadella. i have not been sick, but felt nausious and had alot of headaches and have been ridiculously tired.

what do you think im having?
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