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first signs of pregnancy Lock Rss

Hi everyone i was wondering what everyones first signs oof pregnance were?
i had a day where i just felt horrible with my lil girl and i had never felt this before and now we are TTC and my breasts are really heavy but im 4 days off testing :/
Yep that pretty much sums up both of mine. And i knew i was pregnant both times, the test was just to prove to my partner that i was haha
My first symptom was missing my period. I was one of the lucky ones where I didn't really get morning sickness. A bit later on (about 10 weeks) I wasn't interested in coffee, not that it made me sick.

Heavy breasts can be part of pregnancy, but also maybe a sign of your periods coming on.

All the best with testing when you do, hopefully it's good news.
With my first pregnancy, my first sign was baby movements at around 20 weeks! Seriously, no other symptoms at all, except missed periods, but I had been on depo injections so didn't think anything of it.

With this one I knew at 5 weeks because I was so tired I was falling asleep at my desk at work and I had the worst heartburn of my life.

Different people and different pregnancies are so wide and varied that I wouldn't read to much into any signs except a BFP!

I found my symptoms were so different this time around!
The first time i only felt sick and was vomitting, didnt get anything else so i thought i had a bug!!
This time around i felt very tired a lot although i felt sick i also had sore breasts and very bad cramping, like period pain!!
Its such a hard time not knowing cause so many period symptoms match being pregnant!!
Hope you find out soon!!

Frequent trips to bathroom to wee .
An unmistakable urge to eat a family size bag of peanut mnm's at 5am, just before work. Ate the lot too. This was the day after AF was due. Tested 2 days later and got BFP.
Missing my period.
I felt completely normal until the day AF was due. Then I tested and there it was BFP!!!

wow soo many different syptoms gasp i have my fingers crossed. with my first it took 18 months so this is the first month trying this time so i am sooo scared it will take that long far i have had syptoms of period pain but no period, bigger boobs and sore ribs and lots of toilet trips but the test all come back negative so will be waiting a few more days
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