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What gender is this? Lock Rss

These are shots from my 3 pregnancies. The first shot we asked to know the gender at the scan (obviously boy!), the second and third we specifically made it clear we DID NOT want to know the sex. However despite saying this, we were given these shots of our daughter (now 3) and the last shot is our current pregnancy.

Is it a coincidence that my daughters scan pic looks like a girl and she was born a girl, or have they made a boo boo by including that "gender" shot on her films?

And just for fun, guess the gender of our current baby which is the last picture shown here.

#1 - Boy!

#2 - Girl!

#3 - current pregnancy, gender unknown
its looking very girly, bit of a tricky picture tho.
Sorry I can not tell

Maybe you could take ultrasound pic to your doctor to find out .

Good luck
I would guess "girl"

I would guess girl but it's a bit of a tricky picture to see.

I can't tell either. If you want to know go & ask your doctor they might now or if you wanted to go & get another scan done.

Can't tell. The scan plane shows the bladder so it's too high.
I have no idea, sorry sad
looks like a boy to me tongue
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