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when did your partner first feel ur bubs kick? Lock Rss

So im now 19weeks and been feeling lots of kicking and movement and its amazing bt was just wondering how long till my partner will be able to feel aswell. Hes very jealous lol and i am excited for him to feel it too.
It's hard to give you an exact date, as everyone is different. With my DD, my husband didn't feel her until about 24 weeks, as the placenta was at the front, so absorbed a lot of it. It was exciting, as it was also NYE!

I have a friend, who's currently pregnant and her partner could feel kicks shortly after 20 weeks.

When bubs is kicking, put your own hand over your belly and if you can feel it on your hand, then your partner should be able to as well.

I am currently 17 weeks pregnant again and I am feeling movements myself, but they are not strong enough to be felt from the outside yet. I too can't wait for my DH to feel these ones, but these things all just take their time.
My Dh felt our baby kicking at about 20 weeks wink
hubby thinks he has felt kicks with our current #3, but i would say they are really tiny..
the early hours of this morning he decided to cuddle me and baby kicked like mad, he was very excited.. im 29wks!!
He felt #1 and #2 much earlier, about 24wks, but this time baby is in a different position i guess!
Mine wasn't till about 28 weeks everytime he placed his hand on my stomach the kicks would stop.
about 20 weeks I think
I think it was about the 24 weeks. I also remember a few days later when he said something like you're really pregnant. Very confused I asked what he was talking about. He said he felt the baby kick whilst I was asleep and for him it made it seem even more real - as in there was no way I could have done cute!

It was 20 weeks for me smile I could actually feel the baby kicking on the outside from 19 weeks but every time DH went to feel he stopped kicking! It was a very frustrating week for poor DH!! lol.

From memory I think he felt them not long after me- around 22 weeks. With both bubs i've had placenta attached to the front so I don't feel kicking for AGES. Poo!!
So I have a very proud mummy to be moment I felt bubs kick tonight with my hand got my partner to quickly come over and as soon as he put his Hand on my belly bubs gave one massive hard kick hardest kick I have felt he was so excited to feel our lik one. And what timing just after I first felt it with my hand so happy
I think we were around 25 weeks before he was sure of what he felt. It is like us really I wasn't sure when I first felt kicks that thats what they were. Once he felt it at about 25 weeks he was like oh I felt that a few weeks ago but smaller, just thought it was your digestion... doh.
I'm only 14 & a half weeks & my partner has already felt something, maybe not a kick but he can feel movement. Its the same time as I feel the butterflies in my lower belly. It's very exciting & I'm feeling a lot of movement. It didn't sit stil at the 12 week scan so maybe is going to be a fun pregnancy
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