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strep b swab? Lock Rss

I had a drs appointment yesterday and dr said bubs head is now engaged. I had to do a swab fir streb b. Im still not 100% sure wat it is for but all my friends that did the swab their babys came within the next 2 weeks. Wondering if this probably means my princess will be here soon?
It wont do anything at all to bring on labour... I did mine at 35 weeks, and you only just insert it into the lower area of the vagina, then into the er, other hole. It's a sterile swab.... it has no drugs on it that cause labour, and doesn't touch your cervix so it would be nothing different to putting your fingers or anything else in there.


Had my strep b swab at 36 weeks. It's just testing for a bacteria -strep b. Apparently everyone has this bacteria present as some stage in their life. And there are no symptoms/ signs that you have strep b unless u do a swab. They test for it because if you have strep b as your baby passes through they can get strep b and can be harmful to newborns. So if you are positive they will give you antibiotics when your water breaks. This will pass through to your baby and protect baby from strep b.
Nothing too serious just a routine test that they do.
Im 36 weeks, I did my swab last week. Nothing to be concerned about as Mumx1+2b said..
I did a my strep B test on a Friday afternoon and had cramps Saturday.. Then my waters broke Sunday night and I had my baby on the Monday morning..I often wondered if the test had anything to do with it or just a coincidence

I didn't have group strep b with my first born but i had it while i was pregnant with my 2nd. Do not know how i got it but just did.
i was supposed to have anti-biotics when i went into labour but because my whole labour from start to finish was 1hr 36mins it was way too quick for the anti-biotics to get into my system so i didn't need it.
try not to stress about it, as long as the dr/midwifes know about it you will be fine.
I think i had them both at 36 weeks & my first born went 8 days over & my 2nd born was smack bam on my due date.
Hope that helps smile
I wasnt meaning for it to sound like once uve done the swab it brings on labour. I was meaning that maybe the dr thinks bub will be making an appearance soon. I did the swab abd didnt have to put it near my butt thank god lol. I will find out next wednesday but im not stressing anyways thanks ladies.
My gp told me to put it in both.... gross.

36 weeks is the normal time to do the strep b swab. I only did mine at 35 weeks because I requested to have a blood test, and she said ah well might as well put that on the form too.

I had one done at 31weeks, due to a scare with DD2 and again at 36, it was positive and 31 but not at 36, everyone has the Strep B bacteria and it is cyclic whether it is present or not, as it was my first pregnancy of having been positive, was wondering what was happening.

I had to do both, thats what they do at the hospital I had my kids, only thing is at 31weeks was done by the Dr on an examination so only cervix was swabbed

Yeah some of my friends had to put it in both. My dr said only in my v which was relieving smile its strange how it can be positive obe minute then negative the next. Our bodies are strange lol
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