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very nervous about these pains.... Rss

Hubby just happens to be a 2 and a half hour drive away today.... and last night I was woken at 3am by 5 minutely pains that went on for a half hour. I told myself that if it went for an hour I'd call the hossie, and thankfully it stopped. Today I'm getting them irregularly... and trying to take it real easy. Bubs seems to wriggle like mad every time I get one. They're not strong pains, they're quite mild but stronger than period pains.

I havnt rung the hospital because it might be nothing... but I'm rather nervous due to hubby being so far away.... my mum is also overseas and gets back tomorrow - and she is who I have lined up to care for dd. And also... I'm only 36 weeks which would mean they'd fly me out to the city... in which case Dh would certainly not make it because there's no way they'd wait for him.

Ahhh bit stressed!

Chalys + 1 I hope for your sake it's just your precious little bub getting ready for birth in a couple of weeks. Hopefully if something is going to happen soon it happens when your dh is closer to home and your mum is back in the country. Take care of yourself and try to take things easy. smile xx

Mummy of 5 Gorgeous Babes smile
My newest Gorgeous Baby Boy arrived 1st January 2014 smile xxx

it sounds like braxton hicks? mine started strong with #3 at around 34weeks but id been getting tightenings for some time. i got a bit worried a few times but my MW assured me that as long as i could still feel bubs move from time to time and had no labour symptoms (waters break etc) then to not be concerned at try to relax as much as possible.

apparently BH cant trigger labour and often women feel them more with subsequent pregnancies

are you having any other issues?
I hope so too.... I've still been measuring really small too, I'm under the 10th percentile so I really need to get to full term for bubs sake. My dd was only 6lb 4oz (2.8kg) and she was born on her due date... this one is measuring even smaller than her when you compare what I was with the last pregnancy at 36 weeks.

No other labour signs at this point... its just that it seems a sudden change from the previous weeks to be getting pains so much more often today. My lower back is aching too but that might not necessarily be anything to do with labour.

As for other problems... this pregnancy has been difficult So I don't know if that would cause early labour or not... but only things like extremely low bp, tearing rib cartilage, dizziness and fainting pretty much daily for the whole pregnancy and really low iron levels.

you poor dear sad

i couldve written this myself with my last was horrid and the BH continued right up until the end, bub came on his due date smile i did have 3 days of real pre labour tho <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />

i think youll be fine, have you called you MW? just to ease your mind?
Havnt called... I feel a bit silly because I work with the midwives and I might be being one of those overimaginative mothers that call up for every little thing thinking they're in labour!

My ob is also away this week. So it would be extremely inconvenient in every way possible...

I got pains like that with my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies - I had them for about 2wks before I went into real labour.
Some days I'd sit there counting/timing the contractions and they'd start forming a pattern, getting stronger and closer together, then all of a sudden they'd stop! Drove me batty and always made me wonder "Is this it?".
Hopefully they are braxton hicks/pre-labour type pains!
Mm thanks girls. I'm going to tell myself to stop worrying about it.... and will stick with the plan that if I get them regularly for a solid hour I'll take it seriously.

Thing is I really don't know what its like to have a build up to labour. With dd the first contraction nearly floored me - I went bang on straight into it with 5 minutely contractions that were just as strong at the start as they were at the end... and only 2 hours active labour. It was really full on... so I would hope that won't happen again, but have been warned by everyone that its probable that it'll be even faster and just as intense. I'd have to call an ambulance if it happened while I'm home alone! However... if that's the case then these pains would mean nothing... right?

If that is the case, then yeah, your pains probably mean nothing. They're just your body gearing up for the big event, but, every pregnancy and every labour is different, so you might not go straight into full labour.
I do still think that they're most likely pre-labour pains, I would just keep my eye on them (so to speak) like you said.
With DD2 (my only spontaneous labour), the serious BH started a couple of days before the real thing started.

I knew it was getting serious when, although they weren't regular, they were happening on and off over the course of the afternoon.
By midnight they were getting more regular and by 6am I was in the hospital 4cm dilated.

Fingers crossed bubs waits til tomorrow at the very least!

Just take it really easy for the rest of the day smile

if your concerned call IMO stuff it if they think your one of 'those' mums..its their job to help you out smile i know i called my MW several times.
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