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Hair? Lock Rss

When pregnant with my daughters my hair was so beautiful so full of life and amazing but now with this pregnancy complete opposite sad it's falling out like crazy I'm scared by the time I give birth il be bald! is this normal? How can I prevent any more hair falling out I really hating my hair at the moment sad


That's funny because I didn't lose much hair when I was pregnant, but after giving birth and since then, I lose a lot of hair.
Maybe some other mums have some advice/experiences for you.
If it's lots though, it might be worth a mention at your next doctors/midwife visit.
I had thick hair for once during pregnancy but after pregnancy it all fell out dam it!!!
There's nothing you can really do I think???
It's all got to do with hormones.
But if it's extreme and your getting massive bald patches I would see the doctor about it though Hun xx
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