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When did you feel your baby's first kick? Rss

I've just gone 18 weeks with my first bub and I haven't felt an actual kick yet! I've felt the occasional flutter but no kick! Sometimes I get nervous because I thought I should have felt kicks by now. Is this normal??
With my first 18 weeks but I was super super tiny so I think that's why
With my twins 15 weeks I felt my first massive kick smile
I know heaps of people who didn't feel a thing to over 20 weeks as unique said your first baby is always later but with second and so forth babies you k ow what your looking for smile
I felt my first at 16 weeks, with my second preg I didn't feel anything, I thought little flutters and I always thought maybe it's just a late bloomer, but baby was stillborn and we found out at 20 week scan. Get heart rate checked just for reassurance. With my second I felt thumps at 15-16 weeks.

With my first son i was about 24 weeks, i might of felt it sooner but being my first pregnancy i wasn't sure.

My second son i was 16 and a half weeks when i felt him.

the flutters your feeling are little kicks... Some women dont even feel the flutters till after 20 wks. Obviously it depends on where exactly the baby is sitting as the how strong the movements, and as the baby gets bigger you'll start to feel harder kicks.
My 1st pregnancy I felt kicks at about 20 wks, this time about 17wks. Everyone is different smile
Yes everyone is different, and the position of the placenta affects the mother feeling them too. Also how attuned you are or sensitive you are to feelings in your uterus before. Eg. I can feel myself ovulating when I did.

Yes it seems that everyone is quite different when feeling them for the first time. The flutters are very light and get them every half an hour to an hour. Every time I feel them, I think is that really the baby or just wind, haha! It doesn't even happen long enough for DH to have a feel, I want him to be able to feel bubs too!!
Well soon after I wrote this I felt my first kicks... I'm so thrilled!! They have been pretty constant since grin

I ate a big bowl of veggie soup for lunch and soon after that the kicks started! Bubs must have loved the soup too!

I'm over the moon roll eyes
Yay such a great feeling

With DD1 I felt first kicks at 18 weeks 2 days. With DD2 I was exactly 16 weeks. I found I would feel them more when I was lying down quietly at night. During the day you are moving around which can rock bubs to sleep.

I felt flutters at 11 weeks. i was at my ultrasound when it happened so that how I new it was my baby kicking and it would happen every few days and mostly at night then i was feeling them alot by 16 weeks some days more than others somedays not at all and i always felt them ay about 10pm at night when i was in bed and felt them fully by 20 weeks and i could feel them with my hand and so could my hubby. I was pregnant with twins and lost one at 8 weeks my dd is now 4 n half months old smile

With my first pregnancy I felt kicks around 20 weeks, second pregnancy around 16, third around 14 and with this one only started last week, so 19 weeks. Was getting quite worried as I had felt movements so much earlier with my previous ones.

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