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Strange things happen when pregnant Lock Rss

I am 6-months pregnant and this is my first pregnancy. I have noticed some strange things happening to me while pregnant and am keen to know if other mums-to-be experience similar things.

1. I have a lump on the top of my tongue which looks like a bruise but isn't sore and has only surfaced in the last few weeks.

2. I have an indent in my forehead. At times there's a vein there, but when it's not visible it looks as though I have a scar or deep indent on the top of my forehead.

3. I have noticed small red capilary-like dots on my body. They're only small, but I seem to have quite a few of them.

If anyone else has had any strange changes to their bodies, I would be keen to hear from you.... blink
I've got red dots too! I think they're little strawberry moles, since sometimes pregnancy makes new moles and spots appear. Glad it's not just me smile
I have the red dots on my tummy, which appeared at around 7months for me. They kinda look like little ingrown hairs or pimples and they can get really itchy.
Sorry I don't have any advice for you but you aren't alone cos so many strange things have popped up on me during my pregnancy.
I just go with my gut instinct and if something seemed really strange or concerned me then I always mentioned it to the doctor or midwife at ante natal.

Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy;)
i got the red itchy dots starit after I had my baby it hangded around for ages but like 2 weeks later it went away I dont think i had strange things when i was pregant apart from a little more hair over my body

I have the red dots also. They are most likely burst capilliaries, or 'spider veins' due to all the extra blood in your body at the moment. The doctors told me during my last pregnancy that they are common for pregnant ladies, and they would most likely disappear after i gave birth. My son is now 13 months, and I still have them, they have not faded at all. As for the dent in your forehead and the bruise on your tongue, I have nott had or heard of these in pregnant ladies, so I would ask the midwife/doctor at your next antenatal check. smile

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