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EDD? Lock Rss

Going from my lmp my due date is 23/7/12. My first ultraound set my due date at 2/8/12, number two ultrasound 28/7/12 and last weeks ultrasound 28/7/12. Which due date would they follow? With my first u/s baby was only 0.83cm so was measuring on 6w5days. So where did the extra days come from? I'm confused huh unsure


From what I've been told, they follow the due date at your dating scan, as LMP doesn't take into account when you ovulated and how long conception/implantation and all the rest took. Also, after 9 weeks, the baby takes on genetic traits (height, size, etc) so it's not that reliable to change a due date after 9 weeks.
And really, how many babies are actually born on their due date? LOL! Your baby will be born when it's good and ready smile

My understanding is that the earliest scan is the most accurate, so I think your EDD would be the first scan you had at 6 weeks.

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personally I go by the latest date, to avoid interventions

Sorry, I don't have an answer for you (yet), but just wanted you to know that you're not the only one in this situation. My LMP dates put me due 30 July, but my 12 weeks scan results said 27th July. I had a viability scan at almost 8 weeks, but was told my dates were about right then, maybe a day or two out. So I'm not sure what to go by either. At my OB appt since my 12 week scan, he never said anything about my due date, so I'm not really sure what we're going by.

I have my 20 week scan tomorrow. Yay. I am very excited. I also have an appt with my OB later int he week, so I will find out then and report back on what he says if you like.
Just ask yout ob which date they are using, I had one date in my head with my second but doc had a different date. They use the date that they decide on so no use trying to decide yourself.

Your ultrasound dates come from a combination of measurements including
- crown to rump length (head to tail)
- head circumfrance
- femur length
- belly circumfrance
- your date of last period.

With my first his head circumfrance would take 2 weeks off his due date. The scan dates kept getting shorter and shorter at 34 weeks they pegged him at 39 weeks; he was born at 40+5 from my initial dating scan. If your family or bubs dad is predisposed to long legs, long torso's or large heads, your scan dates will get further and further away from your dating/first scan.

Congrat's by the way smile
Thanks for all ur replies smile maybe my baby is just long since dh and I are tall smile have my midwife appointment this Friday so will ask her Which date to use on my yellow card from hospital they have written down all three dates


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