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Irritable uterus Lock Rss

Hello Ladies,

I'm 38 weeks (Bub #2) and just been told by my midwife that I have an irritable uterus. My tummy goes rock hard for anything upto a minute, but at random times and nothing regular at all. I'm getting a slight back pain with it too. Has been going on for about 3 days now.

Has anyone else had the same symptoms around this time and does it mean labour could be close???


Mel, mum to Anthony 29/08/05, VIC

In my last few weeks of pregnancy this happened to me a fair bit, often would get braxton hicks on and off for half an hour or more. Also got lots of back pain, but that was probably due to the size of my belly and having a posterior baby. Pre labour symptoms like this can last weeks before baby is born, hopefully not though smile

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I'm a little convinced that 'irritable uterus' means that they don't really know why something's happening...

I was told I have an irritable uterus on Monday, I'm 37 weeks on Friday. My stomach is rock hard/contracting if I stand or sit up, change positions, cough or sneeze, and contracting irregularly when I'm lying down, but not with as much intensity. If I lie or sit reclined, I usually get a bit of a break from it but it starts again as soon as I have to move around. When it contracts, it stays hard for up to 45 minutes, stops for maybe 10, and then starts again. I'm getting back ache with the tightness.

My understanding is that the contractions are preparing your body for labour and I'm hoping it also means that true labour will start very soon, but I've only got hope.

I just found this website which you might find interesting too.

I just had my 33 week obstetrician appt this morning, and they told me I have an irritable uterus as well. My belly goes all hard on & off as well, it doesn't last for very long, but has been happening on & off for a couple of weeks now. I'm being sent for another ultrasound tomorrow, I only had one last week, & a checkup at the hospital for something else. Not sure if I should panic or not, this is our first bub & both bubby & I (& hubby) are small.

Hi Kat - Don't panic, it sounds like your obs is keeping a close eye on you smile

I hope your scan went well?

I'm 37 weeks (baby #2) and get this too but I never got it with my #1. Its been happening for 6 weeks now at really random times. Its only the 3 weeks that I've been getting back pain with it. Every time I go to the doctors and say something though they don't say anything. Its like I haven't spoken. So I'm no help with what it is but am also hoping it means labour isn't far away.
Hi everyone, im 20weeks with my third and have the worst period pains and cramping since around 12 weeks... sex triggers it along with doing stuff and even resting... doctors cant tell what it is and im soo over it. some days the pains are just like contractions and some days they are all over the place... Along with pressure on my cervix like u expect at 37+ weeks. did any1 suffer this with the irritable uterus in early pregnancy? If so any tips ive tried heat packs they make it worse sad pain killers i cant live off not to mention dont help.
Hi I am 22+ weeks pregnant and been suffering with this since 14 weeks. I understand the frustration of the continuous pain and discomfort it doesn't matter what you do the contractions still come.
I'm tired of drs telling me there is nothing they can do till I reach 24 weeks then they might consider medication to help with the contractions.
Sorry that I have no reassurance for anyone also going through the same thing, sometimes a vent to others experiencing the same helps.
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