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Busting to know the gender!! Lock Rss

Next Thursday I'll be having my 20 weeks scan roll eyes I am hoping bubs is in the right position for us so we can find out what we're having. I'm super excited!! We can finally shop for suitable colours, it'll help us get organized for our bub no.1.

Were you told the right gender at your 20 week ultrasound or did they get it wrong?

My mother told me that she had an intuition that I would be a girl. When I feel pregnant I wanted a girl but had a feeling that I was having a boy. At the first ultrasound at 8 weeks, as soon as I saw the fetus I knew, he was a boy and I was correct.

Are you going to find out the sex? If you want to and dont, you'll be realy happy you waited but if you do, you'll be able to go shopping for clothes and decorations for the babies room.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnany smile
I found out with both my girls and wouldn't change a thing! And they were right both times.
We found out. The lady doing the scan said '80% girl'.


She was right but my DD is 100% girl.
Yes we want to find out what we're having being our first bub! Everyone keeps saying that I'm having a boy and hubby want to have a boy. I'm glad he said that he wont be disappointed though if it's a girl, as long as 'it's' healthy that's all that that matters really! I've always thought I'm having a girl but now thinking it's a boy. Maybe because everyone's getting in my head. Oh well, we'll see... smile
Both of our boys loved showing off their bits. But my youngest boy we had to wait 5 minutes for him to roll into a spot where they could tell.

Good Luck with the scan, very exciting for you both.

Both times we were told that we were highly likely having girls and they both were right. I'm not sure they would give you a 100% answer.
I'm busting too....hehe...I think it's a girl for both of us.

We have Ds1 aged 3 years, have lost 5 bubbbas and have Another bubba on the way. At the start of each pregnacy I have said I am having boy or girl. Each time I have been correct. A mother just knows. LOL.
Again with this pregnancy I have said from the start it was another boy. Today we had our 19 week scan and guess what................. Its a BOY.

It's so exciting knowing that most of you got accurate results during your gender screening. I'm even more excited to know now! One week to go!!! Thanks for sharing grin
We found out at 20weeks we were having a boy, but then went back at 28weeks just to be sure! lol
i found out the sex of my son at 19 weeks and he was my first and it was right cause he was in the perfect position. Im waiting to found out the sex of my second baby now and im booked in for a 3d scan at 18 weeks 5 days as my 20 week scan isnt until april 10th and i really wanna know so i can shop as well smile

congrats on your pregnancy hope you get to find out xx
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