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any bubbas due in april? Lock Rss

Hey ladies just curious how many babies are going to be welcomed in april and on wat dates x smile
try in here smile

I'm due April 10th smile when are you due?
Well that link wasnt any help lol it was from 2011. Thanks anyways smile. Im due on april 3rd but bubbas head is 2/5ths engaged so dr said he thinks she will be here within a week smile))
it was started in 2011, yes, but its FOR due in april 2012 smile

I'm expecting my very first bubba, a little boy, on April 30th! smile
Bubs for me is due the 10th or 4th or 8th laugh
they keep changing my dates but mw last check gave me 3 more weeks which
was 2 weeks ago. Im taking it easy at moment so hopefully nothing happens until hubby is home (wednesday) as he is FIFO from the mines. Im hoping for the 3rd of April, my niece has told me NOT to have him on the 6th April as thats her birthday!!

Update: waters broke on the 18/3 but nothing happened was monitored and labour started at 4am on the 19/3 after 1hr and 20 mins Noah was born 3 weeks early, 6pd 8 and now a March baby not an April Baby, bummer LOL.

bubba number 2 due April 29!! but won't be going over due with this one, unlike DD, so def will be an april baby!! smile how fast is it all approaching!! when it turned march, I couldn't believe it was next month!!!! smile

Good luck fellow april ladies! lets all hope for a nice fast and painless labour! smile

Same here due the 29th. Prety close to anzac day, my hubby is hopping for the 26th/27th area he informed me tonight so he can tie it in with anzac day and having a long weekend lol. Wouldnt it be nice if thats all us ladies had to consider lol
We have a due april facebook group if you are interested in joining. Just add me [email protected] and i'll pop you in smile

haha!! men hey?!?!? is this your first but?? congratulations!! not long to go now....

no this is our 2nd, we have a DD who is 3yrs 9 mths. You would think he would no from having hear, nothing ever goes to plan and ends up being that organised.
Im due April 7th with my first and am really hoping he comes early...hes been about 2-3/5s engaged for the last week and Im feeling more and more pressure and uncomfortable in my pelvis so I really hope its not too long. I've just developed some swelling and my blood pressure is slightly elevated so I really hope hes here soon!
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