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Positive antibodies?? Lock Rss

Just left hospital after 2.5 hours and I still have no idea what positive antibodies in blood means??Something about my blood group changing? Anyone can please explain to me? Had to do another blood test today .


This is only from what i understand,

Antibodies are like fighting agents, eg when you get a cold yoru body release antibodies to fight it and remember it so if it comes back it can get rid of it quicker.
In respect to pregnancies, if you have a negative blood type (meanign you dont have the protein) and your baby is positive blood type, if your blood mixes, your body will send out antibodies to fight against your body.
Whn your negative blood type and pregant you are meant to get anti-D injections to prevent this from happening.
But im O positive? The doctor said that it's very rare for me to have positive antibodies? Can this harm my baby


I havent heard of this sorry, i only know because im negative
Was trying to google this and everyone had a negative blood type .. Will get results at my next hospital appointment in 4 weeks.


Hi fafo,

It is extremly frustrating these antibodies. I am a- with antibodies and my baby is positive because my dh is a dominant positive blood type. There is not much info on it and the doctors you want to talk to are only available from a certain amount of weeks pregnant. They only thing I can think is if your dh has a negative blood type and baby is negative and your positive. But it really should be dealt with by a doctor.

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