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Dark pregnancy Test (TWINS??) Lock Rss

Hi there!

I been pregnant now 7 times (3 being miscarriages, 3 are my beautiful girls and now this one... or two??!!!

Each time I did the pregnancy test any earlier than 2 days before AF was due, I wouldn't get a positive - or barely a faint line... THIS time I couldn't wait, call it mother's instinct if you will, and I tested THREE days prior to AF.. The positive flashed up instantly before the control line was even visable. This has never happened, ever! My pregnancy tests AFTER af was due with all the other pregnancies wern't even this dark! SO, I took it upon myself to get a digital one which put my at 2-3weeks pregnant post conception when I should have been 1-2 weeks!

I know my last AF date exactly and I know the date we BD'd which was day 13 and day 15 of my 28 day cycle. I felt the implantation also. I understand this may not have been implantation but I am sure I felt it!

The thing is, my great grandmother was a boy/girl twin and they are the only ones in the family. I have just recently had endometriosis surgery removal and 2 cysts taken off an ovary also. Could this make me drop 2 eggs?

I have always had a feeling that I would have twins, I know it sounds crazy and I know I just may have a very sticky bub in there but what are your thoughts?

This pregnancy test is so bright! The test line is darker than the control line and that was 3 days before AF... HOWWW!!!??? smile

I got a really really dark line 4 days before my AF was due, I am having a single baby. I wouldn't read too much into it at this stage, the normal range of hCG is so wide and varied in early pregnancy that it's impossible to tell much by the colour of the lines.

However, I have got two clear dark lines with my two 'sticky' bubs and much lighter ones with my lost babies. I wouldn't get too far ahead of myself with the twin scenario, but it might well be a good sign.

Copngrats and fx.

Hi I am expecting 4 & 5 in october and can honestly say that until the scan that showed twins I had no idea,there was nothing different to my singleton pregnancies, eg: tests, symptons.

It is only now that I am showing earlier, more fatigued and generally blah smile

Hope you get a lovely surprise at your ultrasound
I am 12 weeks with twins and I when I did my test I would have only just fallen pregnant as my dates are always over the shop and my the date of my last period is not matching up the dates of the scan. When I did my test the positive line was the first to show and this happened so fast both lines very clear to see, With my other two pregnancy which have been 1 baby I have always got the positive line last, although I did not think of this at the time, we only found out at 8 weeks that there is 2.
I have conceived triplets & 2 singletons.
Looking back, my tests were not all that different between them and it wasn't until a scan at 9 weeks we found out there was more than 1!

Goodluck & congrats. smile
Did you end up having twins? ????x
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