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Compression stockings? Lock Rss

It's finally confirmed Tickets have been paid for will be traveling overseas in about 6 weeks time. Will be on plane for about 16 hours & doctor has suggested me to buy compression stockings.. Has anybody bought any of these? Is it very important for me to wear them? What sort is best to buy? Full length , half length etc? They r quite pricey got quoted $150 a pair


Hi, I cant answer your question about what type of stockings. But I was told from 1 doctor to wear them, I went for a second opinion and was told to ensure I stayed hydrated and was standing as much as possible that I should be fine during the 22hr flight.

Obviously every medical condition varies though.

Hope you have a fantastic holiday.
Hiya smile

I bought some from the chemist (wizard warehouse) You will need to measure your leg so that you get the correct size (probably best to just take a tape measure with you to the shop, as different brands have different size guides). These ones cost me about $50 i think.

My sister bought some from our hematologist (sp?), and they cost her about $140 or so blink and they didn't seem any different to the cheaper ones that i bought.

My ones were knee height which i liked, i put them on in the toilets just before we board and is easy to go the toilet etc whilst on the plane wink

We have a blood clotting factor that runs through our family so we've been told it's REALLY important to wear them, and also to avoid alcohol and walk around as much as possible during the flight (i usually sit in the aisle seat so it's easy for me to stretch and get up more often. Also drink heaps of water smile

Hope this helps!...Take care, and have a nice time away smile
There are 2 types of stockings you can get - support (which you can buy over the counter) and graduated compression stockings - which you need a script for. The latter are more expensive and need to be fitted by someone who knows what they're doing. Check with your doctor which ones you should get.
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