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When should i start to feel my baby kick? Rss

Im 17 weeks and waiting for that first kick!!



When I was pregnant with DD, I felt her starting to move around 18 weeks..but it wasnt on a daily basis then. It was around 22-23 weeks that I felt her moving constantly. I was quite big as well...I mean that I started showing and growing really early, so i thought i might have felt it earlier, but i didnt.

Its the best feeling in the world (aside from actually giving birth...which ironically was the best experience for me, pain and all!)

Also, sometimes you are actually feeling it but not aware of it cos it can be mistaken for other 'feelings' (like tummy rumbling, wind..and the feeling you sometimes get when you think you need to go to the loo for #2s..sorry TMI!)

I am 11 weeks pregnant with #2 so not expecting to feel anything for a few weeks yet!

Good Luck,

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