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Feeling movement Rss

Lately I've been feeling little feelings in my tummy, quite low down. They feel like little bub movements and I thought maybe coz it's my 3rd pregnancy it could be baby? Do you think it's possible to be feeling baby move at 13 - 14 weeks?
Yup! Apparantly you can feel them earlier with your other pregnancys grin

I felt this baby move at 15 weeks! I felt flutters earlier but wasnt sure if it was it or not!! This is my second so its very possible consdiering its your third!! How exciting!!

With my second I started feeling flutters and taps at around 10-11 weeks, with this one I felt movement at about 13 weeks.

With my first it wasn't till 19weeks..
Can't remember with the twins but it was early.. DD3 was flutters & movement from about 14 weeks and DS2 was about the same -15/16 weeks. smile

How exciting! grin
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