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Every night I experience Lock Rss

Don't know if this is because my third pregnancy but when I'm sleeping I wake up and feel sooo much pressure down there that I can't roll onto my other side without it hurting like crazy or get up if i do it feels like baby going to fall out? Is this normal ? I just feel so heavy n so much pressure that I'm too afraid to walk a long way ot even to let my dh near me? I'm on 26 weeks :s


I would ask your midwife about that one. It's quite a ways to go to have to put up with that!! Good luck smile
Hi, this may seem like TMI but grab a mirror and check it out.

I had the same thing and to my horror I found I had varicose veins on both sides of my valva!

These are really no fun at all I have all my problems at night too.
If you happen to fine this all I can suggest is nice supportive undies, i even wear 2 pair from time to time when it's really bd, and the other quick relief is put some water and some sanitary pads and pop them in the freezer.

Good luck!
Im 31wks also with my 3rd and also feel heavy down in my pelvic bone region. Im going to see a physio next week and hope she might be able to help. Im also having trouble in bed and with clicky hips.

Im thinking it might be because its my third pregnancy to this term that everything is pre-stretched and not holding up as well as it used to.

Good luck OP.
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