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4th c-section... Lock Rss

Hi folks,

Was wondering on peoples thoughts, would you have 4 cesareans? i have had three and would love another child, but my dh, and myself, are worried about the risks.

I was out of hospital after 2 days with my last c=section and have had no problems with recovery. i have also lost 20kgs since my last pregnancy so am healthy and kinds fit!!

I even rang my doc and while he said he doesnt like doing more than 2 c-secs let alone 3, from my notes my scar looks fine.

Sorry about the ramble, but want to know if I am just being greedy or if you would go for it!

hi, i have had 4 c-sections,and have had no issues during pregnancy or after, my scar has gotten quite thin, but unsure what it is like now , nearly 5 yrs on,lol. i am actually pregnant with my 5 th and am worried about later on in the pregnancy when bub is bigger and kicking. im also going back to the same hospital where they have all my records, so i can ask them about it. if you are worried ask your doc, but considering your scar is fine id say go for it lol, its your body smile as long as you dont lift anything heavy and that sort of thing.

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