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Braxton Hicks.. Lock Rss

This is my first pregnancy and I was just curious when Braxton Hicks commonly start? I don't think I have had any?? What do they normally feel like?
For me they kind of felt like period pain, except it would start out mild then get worse and worse then stop.

Had heaps with my last 2 pregnancies (so much so that I didn't believe I was in labour with DD as I was so used to daily contractions lol) but none since around 22 weeks this time around (35 weeks on fri) so I guess it just depends on the pregnancy and the person.

Good luck with your pregnancy smile

I felt it as early as 16 weeks. But it didn't happen very often until my last trimester grin It felt like my stomach was tightening or being scrunched up and everything went really hard.

first 3 babies, the first hint of a contraction was when I was in labour
4th, I had BH from about 20 weeks, going into labour at 28w, 32, and 34 weeks, which they were able to stop medically
5th I had them from about 30 weeks.
hi every one,
i didnt get any braxton hicks with my first pregnancy, a little tummy tightning with my second pregnancy, and currently on my third pregnancy and have just started experiencing braxton hicks over the last 2 weeks im 30 weeks atm and would have to say that it feels like an uncomfortable period pain that doest last for very long comes and goes
hope this helps smile
Hi guys, im 24 weeks pregnant and just started getting period like cramps in lower tummy??? they come and then they fade. Do you think I need to worry??? first pregnancy and have no bloody clue as to what is normal?
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