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Can a baby ever be too big for the uterus? Lock Rss

My first was breech, he seemed when we had a csection that there was no way he would of turned in the position he was in for so long. Now i feel so big for my weeks and thinking if baby has enough room in the uterus. She isn't kicking hard like ouch alot like she has done in the past. i feel she is in a position that her legs are down and head up AGAIN. i know she can move allthe time and change but just wondering.
Does the uterus grow to fit baby or vice versa?

Some people can have a uterus which is too small, yes. Or the wrong shape. It is rare though.
I think your uterus will expand to the size of your babies, afterall look at octomum before she gave birth!

I carried my first transverse and low and behold my second also seems to prefer to lie that way too. My OB said that there is probably a reason why both of my babies are more comfortable this way. Probably due to the shape of my uterus and not the size of it.

My DD flipped into vertex position (with a little encouragement) right before I went into labour and was born naturally and hopefully this one will do the same.

I have heard the average uterus is able to hold 21 pounds!!! Don't know who or how they tested the theory... point being that your uterus will just keep growing with baby!

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The uterus will grow to the baby. My 3 have plenty of room still, they keep changing from breech to head down
wow three that is amazing that they still have room. There must be a reason for everything. I like what was said about the tummy looks bigger but bubs was smaller then first. Iguess i just feel big. Even tho im smaller in weight to my first.

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