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Boy or girl? Lock Rss

We had our last scan at 18 weeks and the man who did it didnt want to say 100% if we were defs having a little girl but he couldn't see any boy bits. ANYWAYS we still call this baby an "it". My partner, i think, was hoping for a little boy and still believes that this baby could be a boy lol... My question is, the people who say they know what gender their baby is, did the scan person say 100% or do people go off what we were told??

This is probably really confusing to read. Sorry ladies xxx grin
I think as far as girls go, they wont say 100%, with my first I had an amni so knew for sure it was a boy, second we very clearly saw it was a boy and again this time.

I'm pregnant with my fourth girl and everytime they haven't said that they are 100% certain. With my second girl it was a 90% guess, third was a 70% guess and this one was a 95% chance. I have 8 weeks left to find out if this guess is correct but quite certain that it is. I really thought that pregnancy was a boy but will believe what ultrasound says. Been right every other time lol

I'm just a little scared to go all the way out with girlie stuff.. we've gotten given boy and girls clothes so we are pretty right there.. It's just nice to be prepared in my head i guess... <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

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I don't think that they are prepared to give you a 100% these days, unless you actually have an amnio. I don't think they will even give you an indication of what they think it is unless they are pretty sure.

I know when I had my scan at 18 weeks the sonographer didn't want to say either way because she couldn't get a clear shot. At our 24 week growth scan the sonographer got a perfect view, but still only said 'probably' a girl because they have to cover themselves.

Having said that I suddenly started having nightmares a week before my DD was born that she was actually going to be a boy because I had done everything pink. But sure enough she was a girl just like they said.

I agree with PP's.

I have 2 girls and with neither did they say 100% a girl.
They not aloud to say 100% because if they get it wrong the parents may sue.

I got told both boys that they 98 % sure it was boys. My boys both showed off their parts.

Yeah, as a PP said, they are not allowed to tell you 100% whether you are having a girl or a boy. When I was pregnant with my daughter, the sonographer told me it was a girl and he was right. But he basically told me at the time, he is fairly certain it's a girl, but is not allowed to tell me for sure, if that makes sense.

I just went and and bought neutral coloured clothes like light greens and yellows, which a boy can also wear. As I wanted to be prepared for both outcomes smile
When I was pregnant with dd1 I was told at two differnt scans at 17 and 19 weeks that she was a boy.

I knew in my gut that she was a girl though and felt very vindicated when she was born with girly bits smile

I wouldnt take the absense of boy bits as a final indication your having a girl. Sonographers got it wrong for my Brother in laws son..Was told he was a gilr at 20 week ultrasound and then they also got it wrong for me too...(well I hope lol)

I had two scans and both times they said girl then said oh but there is 16 weeks the sonograoher even though we had clearly seen something was pretty adamant this was a girl. Then at 20 weeks there was certainly boy bits!

It all depends on baby positioning at the time and maybe size of genitals as some girls can be very swole too.

When I had my last daughter we were told girl and she had three lines. When i was told girl last time i asked if she had seen three lines and she said no and tried to tell me baby would be too small to see...I just knew she was wrong smile
I think you just have to trust what they say but be 2% prepared to have a shock in the hospital! I still buy trusting what the sonographer says, but if I have to re-buy after the birth and e-Bay or save the other stuff then oh well! It would just add to the surprise if everyone was wrong!

I bought an intelligender test, which at 8 and then 10 weeks said boy.

At 14 weeks the obstetrician said she thought it was a girl, then the 20 week sonographer said boy... Then we just had a 34 week scan and got told it was definitely a boy, or a girl with extra bits! It is very obvious on the scan now.
My Partner and I didnt want to find out the sex of our baby, However.....
at my 20week scan, I was accidently told I was having a girl. My partner wasnt there so I kept it to myself.
I was excited to be having a girl and occasionaly referred to my bump as she. My partner got upset and referred to bump as he. So at least he didnt suspect.
At 30 weeks I couldnt hold my excitment anymore so I told my sister that I was having a girl and swore her to secrecy. We both brought something girly and hid it away, so as not to give it away.
Anyway when bub was born you could imagine my surprise when "she" turned out to be a "he". I had to ask the drs twice to make sure they had gotten it right. I was alittle upset, but as soon as I held my baby boy, I couldnt care less. He was healthy and cute and in my arms, I instantly fell in love.
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