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10 weeks to go Rss

Damm I have an active baby....... He never stops kicking!!!!!!!!!
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. Thought he would start slowing down. Vent over...

I don't know what its like to not have a baby kicking me up to going into labour. I enjoyed having interactive babies.... most of the time.
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I've got an active munchkin as well, feels like my insides are being renovated sometimes!! Mostly I love the movement and knowing bub is healthy but some days I wish he would sleep more!

I love feeling my little boy kick. This is our first bub and I still think it's weird feeling something moving around inside of me. When he gets up behind my ribs and starts kicking me it hurts and makes me jump but still love feeling him. Can't wait to meet him smile
I hear you mommabee. Our bubba is very active too. I wonder when they actually sleep! smile Bit of a complainer I think - already smile kicks when I am hungry, in the shower, in bed, and yes, some nights I feel like there's a gremlin inside me too. Already coping it in the lungs and ribs... sometimes so that it surprises (and hurts) me.

Oh well, but I still love every second of it.

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I wish my bub would kick more! It's quite un-nerving having a quiet one.
My placenta is at the front so I didn't feel him until around 22wks but it's still very very soft movements and not very regular. I'm off to the doctors tomorrow to ask for a growth/well-being scan (not sure if I'll get one but I'll ask). I wish he was a mover like the other kids were!
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