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Baby Shower Rss

Hi ladies,

I'm so excited to be having my very first baby shower in a couple of weeks time and I'm not sure what kind of games to have. Any suggestions?
How exciting!!
I just had my baby shower on the weekend and had the most amazing time!! It was so much fun! We played a scavenger hunt game and i sat and watched everyone try to find things! OMG i couldnt breathe i was laughing so hard!!!
All you have to do is take a few baby things that you may have or even a friend, my sister got the things for me as i had to travel to sydney and couldnt pack things! Give them all a points value and hide them around either outside or inside and give people a list of what to find and how many points its worth, whoever finds the most things at the end wins!! It was the most fun i have had in a long time!
Also another one i love is decorate the singlet/onesie you get some singlets and fabric paint and let everyone make their own personal item of clothing for your baby, its carried on fun when you get to dress them up in them later!!
Have fun, hope you have a wonderful baby shower!

I have my baby shower this weekend with my family. Really looking forward to it and catching up with everyone as I live in Wellington and they all live in Auckland so heading up there for a week too!

Hope you have a fantastic baby shower smile

Hey, i have mine this weekend too!

We are playing a few games... like freeze plastic babies in ice cubes and the first person to defrost it "breaks the water" wins. Also "guess mum's tummy size" with this special tape we got...

Go to we went into the store and we got so many great things.

have a great time!
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