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Shoe size Rss

Hi all,
Just windering if anyone else has had trouble with there kids feet? My dd is 13mths has fits into a 5 it seems to be nearly every month she needs a pair of new shoes.She has been walking since she was 9 mths but only weighs 9.5kg and is 80cm tall, and fits into 0 in length pants but a 00 in waste. Has anyone else got this problem.My hubby is 6ft with size 12 shoe so i presume she is taking after him.
I only buy cheap shoes from kmart or target, but with the winter near it is hard to find light weight shoes in her size.Does anyone else have this problem or suggest what i can do.i don't want to buy to big a shoes no more then 1cm growth as she is running and trips plus they get to heavy.

dd 13mths 2nd due 3/9/06
Sorry all wrong section should be toddler area.
see how pregnancy changes you
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