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how different were your pregnancies? Lock Rss

Hiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! XD

So I was wondering how different were your pregnancies from each other?

Mine have been different in just about every way. The most noticeable thing is weight gain
Which with dd was spot on following my book, by now id gained around 6-7kg where I've gained around 4kg this time.

Also, I've had more energy and been more comfortable over all. I think that's because I developed pre eclampsia which had me uncomfortable all the time while I've been going through little periods of feeling crud this time. Plus my morning sickness wasn't so bad or so long.

So tell me about yours?

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

Huge difference! with my four boys i had bad MS, bloating, extreme fatigue, was alot bigger in size and felt pregnant with this pregnancy (a girl) i have not felt pregnant from day one. Ive had no symptoms besides slighty sore bb, if it wasent for my scans i wouldnt even know there was a baby in there lol im alot smaller as well.
My pregnancies were very different.

With my son's I had no morning sickness. With DD I had the worst morning sickness ever known to mankind lol I put on a lot of weight with DS1, not so much with DD and DS2 but then again I was a bit plump back in the day.

That's about it really... can't think of anything else.
Its been a massive difference for me too!!! I was lucky enough to not get MS with either pregnancies! so that was a plus and prob the only thing the same! My first pregnant was so simple and easy! This pregnancy i had a massive aversion to ALL food and couldnt eat anything for nearly 3 months! I lived on pplain crackers and bread otherwise it would just make me feel so awful!! I have pain all the time this pregnancy in my back and pelvis due to an unstable pelvis and its so painful all the time to go shopping for food or go walking with DD of a day time! The best thing about this pregnancy though is i actually look pregnant early this time, i am all belly and havent gained weight anywhere else which is wonderful!!! With DD i gained weight everywhere sad

My two previous pregnancies were quite similar but in general negative things lingered longer and were worse the second time. I got bad MS with both girls but it started earlier and lasted longer the second time (nausea from 4 weeks rather than 6, throwing up by 5.5 weeks, and still on meds for it till 20 weeks rather than 15). I lost a good few kilos early on with DD1 so my weight gain overall was lower and I felt great right up till the end. Second time round -- carrying more weight -- my mobility suffered; I got swollen, sore feet throughout the last month and my pelvis went out and would stiffen up if I was still, like sitting down or sleeping. I had the whole excessive saliva thing with both but I think it cleared up in the second trimester with DD1 where it lasted right till the end with DD2. That probably ties in with the fact that I couldn't stomach water right the way through; a glass of cold water looked fantastic but I could only drink sips of juice. Lots of Braxton Hicks with both. Both girls born precipitously at 39 weeks.
With the second one all the aches and pains were in the same places, but MUCH worse. I had issues with low bp second time too which was a pain as I couldn't get up in a hurry or be on my feet for long without feeling like I was going to pass out.

Some people say that boy pregnancies are different to girl pregnancies but other than it being more painful second time the morning sickness and feeling bloated/constipated and all those other small things were exactly the same.

Mine have been pretty similar in general. It all makes you stop and think "why on earth am I doing this again?!?!" lol. I think my weight gain has been slightly more this time around, but I also started out a bit lighter so it's kind of evened out iykwim?

Its rather intersting how each pregnancy really is different!!

For me DD1 was easy, had some MS (just felt sick, but no vomitting) until about 11 weeks and the rest of the pregnancy went well. I did gain 18 kgs though, which was a bit naughty as I used it as an excuse to eat! DD1 was born on EDD and was only 3kg so I had to lose a lot of weight afterwards.

DD2 was different in the fact that I was actually sick with MS plus the tireness hit me hard too. I guess running around after a toddler was hard work. At 14 weeks and then again at 16weeks I got two stomach bugs that just destroyed me and I lost weight. But once over those the rest of the pregnancy went well and I have video footage of myself running around after DD1 with my big belly 4 days before DD2 was born. I worked until 39 weeks because I wanted too (knew I would be bored stiff at home) and I gained about 17 kilos (made up for the weight loss well and truely). DD2 was born at 39weeks 4days and was 3.3kg.
completly diffrent pregnancys.
ds#1 i had morning sickness right up too 9 months! i carried very low, preeclampsia at the end.
DS#2 we swore was a girl! i had NO ms, or nausea, barley had anything wrong, untill the end, where i got pet again.

Mine were both different, I put on alot more weight with DD1, I was more nauseous and my cravings were ridiculous! I couldn't get through the day without a nap
With DD2 I hardly put on any weight but I felt totally drained throughout the whole pregnancy and even standing to shower was an effort. I didn't crave anything really

I found my second pregnancy a lot harder than my first and running after a little one doesn't make it any easier smile
Mine were a little different. 1st preganacy was sick for 16 weeks, almost fainted twice, lost weight, could hardly eat a thing and had constant nausea. But after that started feelng better and enjoying the pregnancy. Didnt start showing until 26 weeks popped at 32 weeks and he came at 38 weeks. I loved being pregnant with him. I first felt him at 17 weeks and enjoyed all his movements and feeling him rolling around so gently inside me.
This time around was sick again up until 11 weeks but found that eating actually made me feel better. Felt great from then on, started showing at about 21 weeks this time and popped at 28 weeks and again at 33 weeks! Am 35 weeks now and completely over it! First felt her move at 15 weeks and for the last 6 weeks or so she really hurts! There is no gentle rolling around with this one she is quite active. Hasnt been as enjoyable 2nd time around but still am so grateful to be pregnant and cant wait meet her soon!
DS1 and DS2 were dream pregnancies although i did develop carpal tunnel with DS2 at around 34 weeks . DS3 I was sick all the way through, maybe a couple weeks break, not m/s sick, flu sick. I put on 20kg with DS1, nothing with DS2 and lost around 5kg with DS3.
This time i have felt great until 20 weeks when i started getting bigger, i've got super loose pelvic ligaments which are painful, and i have to force myself to eat because nothing is appealing
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