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When one babe becomes two Lock Rss

Hi everyone, I have a 9 month old baby girl and have just found out i am pregnant with my second. Obviously im happy and thrilled but just a little concerned about the closness in age between the two babies. My daughter will be 16 months when the nex is born. Has anyone had anything similar? Is it hard? How do you handle it? PLEASE HELP!

Sam, QLD, Ava 11.08.2005, Michala 11.01.2007

hi Sam my two are only 11 months apart & find that it wasnt as hard as ppl said it would be if you can get your 9 month old into a stable routine now then it will be so much easier later. Also accept any and all help offered to you during your pregnancy and for the first few weeks home after bub is born. my two are now 2 & 3 years old & get along fab they are best friends as well as worst enemies lol
Good luck & dont stress im sure you will be fine xxx
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