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Maternity Pads?? Lock Rss

Has anyone used anything other than a 'maternity pad after birth'
The reason i ask is that in the johnson & johnson book i recieved from hospital there is a bit in the back about different pads, the Stayfree maternity pads ( which i used last time) but where it mentions Stayfree Ultra thins Allnights/Long it says ' especially suitable for the heavy flow experienced immediatly following childbirth' Has anyone used these or others after giving birth as I hated the thick maternity pads as they are so uncomfatable. Im not sure whether to get some to try as well or to just stick to the 'pillow size' pads.
Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Dawn

Dawn,WA ,Chloe 3.5, Danielle born 17th dec 2004

Hi Dawn

Like you I hate the bulky maternity pads. I used the bulky ones for while I was in hospital and when I got home I used ultra thins (not the night ones) until my flow nearly stopped then I used panty liners.

I think I will do that again this time.


4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

Hi Dawn,

I'm with you!! I hate the maternity pads as well. (I think they must have been designed by a man!) I used some Kotex ones last time I think. They weren't as bad as the Stayfree maternity. Did you get your bounty bag? They usually have some samples. I'll have a look through my "left over from last birth" bag of stuff and let you know what they were exactly. I only buy a couple of packs of the thicker ones and some of the ultra thin long type. I figure that if it turns out that I need more of the thicker ones, I'll just send my mum or hubby to get some. That way I don't spend money on something that I will never use.
Will get back to you after I go through my things.
Hi Dawn,

When I had my son ( No 4 ) Feb 04, I only brought one pack of Maternity pads, I used these for the first day or so, then I just brought some Super pads or Ultra thin Super pads I'm not quite sure and they did a treat. I"ll check up on that one. As I'm still b/feeding my 7mth old I haven't need the use of them...

Anyways all the best for your new arrival
Take care

Julianne, mum of 3 princes and 1 princess

Hi All,
Many thanks for your replies. Im glad im not the only one who feels that way. I wont buy any more than one pack of big ones.Cheers Dawn

Dawn,WA ,Chloe 3.5, Danielle born 17th dec 2004

Libra day/night pads were o.k too!

Kelly,QLD, boy 23.01.03 and girl 08.04.05

Hi All,
I have found my saviour!! Libra Ultrathin 'Maternity pads' i couldnt believe it when i saw them on the shelf. They are ultra thin but designed for maternity bleeding. My husband couldnt understand my sheer joy upon discovering these, but as i told him if he had to wear a sanitary pad the size of a 6 pack of toliet rolls he would be excited too. Cheers Dawn

Dawn,WA ,Chloe 3.5, Danielle born 17th dec 2004

hi Dawn,
when i was hospital they gave me these huge in length but thin pads they were great (i found) coz i could really relax and not worry about them staying put. i found i slept better than i did in the ones i bought. once i got home i just used libra goodnites most of the time until it settled down enough to use normal sized ones.
does anyone else think that the price we pay for these things is too much? on average its ubove $5 and when you need them for 6/7 wks straight (i did) it becomes very costly! what do you's think?

catherine mum to tasmin and Liam

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