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Travelling first trimester Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

I have my Dr's appt on Thursday to confirm, and of course, will be asking him all about it...

We have a trip planned (SO long ago) for Asia in a few weeks time. I will be somewhere between 7-8 weeks when we go I think - we had thought it would take AT LEAST 6 months to conceive.

Does anyone have any advise about plane travel, eating, malaria prevention, and general prego health and wellbeing while we are away...??

We are also planning on discussing this with the travel doc before we go / depending on what the GP says.

FYI - we are looking at this stage as about continuing my life, while giving our wee bug the best possible start. In saying that, we WILL be going, so advise and help would be appreciated vs being told not to go smile
I went to Bali when I was 11 weeks pregnant with my son. My OB had no problems with it.

I was just careful about what I ate but not over the top, just don't eat from anywhere that looks dodgy which I doubt you would anyway. Also be careful with what you drink and make sure that all the ice in your drinks are from a proper source. If the ice has a hole in the middle you should be right.

Also make sure you take plenty of insect repellent and keep yourself covered all day.

The thing that I struggled with the most was not being able to sample the cocktails!!

Most of all enjoy your holiday!!! It may be the last proper one you get before your munchkin comes along and all that stuff grinds to a halt smile
Thanks heaps Lucy_Ant. Nice to hear your experience.

We have comprehensive travel insurance, are staying in super nice places (so cheap still) and will only be eating and drinking from the right / best looking places. and the cocktails - yes - a bit gutted about that, but, could be worse!

Little concerned about the mozzies and malaria, but just going to stay covered up, and use as much insect repellant as I can!!

So much looking forward to it, and like you say, making the most of the 1:1 time that we are never going to get again smile
Little Miss's wrote:
I would also be prepared for morning sickness. It tends to hit most women around then. Take some sick bags with you on the plane and carry something with you when out. Might be worth looking into some things to take with you to ease it (although sometimes nothing helps). Your doc could give you a some tablets to take with you just in case.

Have a great holiday. You can enjoy all the mock tails you want though. smile

Thanks Little Miss's...I had wondered about that...might mention it to them when we check in, to see if I can be set somewhere 'stable' on the plane. Will also have to look in to what I can take over with me in my luggage for safe snacks on the go. Also, going to take lots of Gastrolyte to prevent dehydration.

I am going to be ALL OVER mocktails!
Oh you definately shouldn't cancel your trip grin

I flew to Mexico when I was 6 weeks with DS and we just got back from Singapore and Borneo last week while I was about 6 weeks again smile

As pp have said just be cautious about where you eat and the water. I got a tad (read a lot) jealous of my family drinking but hey its worth not drinking alcohol smile

Try to get up and wander on the plane if its a long flight. I found my MS only flared up if I got too hot or with the crazy taxi drivers. I also just kept water and snacks with me in case I couldn't find something I could eat.

Have a great time and try not to worry!

ballbaby I LOVE the big grin beside 'shouldn't cancel your trip'!!!

we have been so so excited bout it for so long, really had no intentions too...just being a bit more smart about it. due to other health things, I will be eating pretty healthy, and watching the ice and things. I think I might mention it when ordering, just to make sure everything is cooked super well.

will check with the Doc's about any meds I need to take with me, but, I am sure it will be great!

Thank you for your support and advise smile
Sounds fantastic, enjoy the holiday as it might be a while before you go on another one, like that after bub is born... Suggest you stick to bottled water, no drinks with ice in it.
With my first pregnancy we travelled to america and the uk during my fist trimester and to Hawaii in my second pregnancy. Take a photocopies of your antenatal card in case you need to seek medical attention including any blood test results. On the plane, see if you can request an aisle seat so you can easily get up and walk around to avoid dvts. Circulation socks are also worth investing in for the flight, and drink heaps of water to stay hydrated! If you need medical attention while you are away, your hotel concierge can always point you in the direction of the nearest doctor/ hospital/ pharmacy. I found ginger tablets great for settling a queasy tummy during morning sickness. Enjoy your trip, and your mocktails! grin
thanks PARIS - can. not. wait.

Heids_84 thank you for the plane advise, and circulation socks...I will look in to that. I am definitely hoping to take some documentation with me to prove anything I need too...hopefully not Dr's, but would rather be prepared than not.

No REAL symptoms as yet, but of course would be week 5 at the most so pretty early.

SO looking forward to my Dr's appt. really hope we can have a scan before we go just to know it is there! smile
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