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How did you tell DH/DF/DP??? Inspired by tickled pink and Paris :-) Lock Rss

I've read some brilliant ways in the last few days so thought I would start a new thread to celebrate all the creative and humorous ladies out the. Thank you for the inspiration tickled pink and Paris!!!
damn wish I had a cool story. I freaked out a bit and sat staring at the stick for 20 mins working out how to get my partner to come home from work.

ended up texting him to ring me...burst in to nervous/overwhelmed/excited tears on the phone and he come home really quick

showed him the my shaking hands...and had a few more excited tears

when I had calmed the shaking and we were both ok...he had to go back to work sad but still

so so lame, but was still pretty cool for us

First 2 pregnancies I pretty much just told him after I came out of the toilet lol

This time, I peed in a cup & let him dip the test in & we watched the results show up together. I didnt think he'd be keen to do it, but he seemed happier that I let him be more involved.
DH and I fell pregnant only a month after our wedding & we'd only been TTC for two weeks! The morning we found out, we'd been at a 3rd birthday party & at the party, there were babies everywhere! On the way home, I said the DH "I cant wait to have a baby, I hope we fall pregnant soon" and DH was saying "Me too, it'll be so great!".....when we walked in the house DH asked when my period was due. (it was due that day & had not yet arrived)....very excited, DH suggested I do a test. He sat in the lounge while I tested.....I couldnt believe my eyes when those two pink lines showed up! Eeeeehh!! I came out of the bathroom shaking, went & sat next to DH & showed him the test "thats two lines! That means Im pregnant!"...we both just sat in shock for 5 minutes & DH shed a little tear. It was a very nice moment for the two of us. smile
Monkey wasn't planned.. and I only took the test to cover all bases. Took me 3 hours to stop crying (I don't handle surprises very well), my partner was at work so I called him, though it took me 3 times before I was woman enough to dial and not hang up, then he answered, so I said "I've got some news." "Good or bad." "Shocking." "What sort of shocking?" I started bawling again around this stage. "Luke Skywalker finding out his dad is Darth Vader." Then I told him. He said he'd call me back. He called his boss and said he needs to finish early and rushed home to me. There are so many funny ways people on here tell their partners/husbands, if Monkey was planned I'm sure I would've done something a bit more humorous a little less curl up in a ball and cry tongue.
Such lovely stories. Im such a sucker for pregnancy and everything to do with it! Can't wait to add my own story sometime soon! In TWW now smile
the first time I tested it was 7am Sunday morning and completely pitch black (but wanted to use FMU), and wasn't sure about the lines (artifical light is not the best). DF (now DH) and I scratched our heads, and decided to test again two days later... to a positive (7 months of TTC). I started spotting straight away and 2 days later was getting negatives, ended in a m/c. The following month I was due to test on the day of DF's grandmother's funeral. Putting off the testing for another day was not something I could do. We were at his parent's house. I went into the bathroom and tested. When I came out I asked if DF wanted to know the result or wait for another day. He told me he had to know, regardless of the day. Following the m/c and the funeral it took a little while for it to sink in for us. Probably at least a month or so. Actually probably until 12 weeks (we were scared following the m/c).

I hope that the next one is more exciting smile

RIP Muffin. 25/06/95 - > 09/05/14

Well congrats, that's very exciting news, well you know my story and probably don't recommend it if you think your partner won't get it - like

Another great idea is if this is your second to have on your first Childs tshirt I'm going to be a big brother/sister (depending on the sex of your first) and make them wear it as your partner walks in the front door from work.

good luck smile
I was pretty sure I was pregnant with DS1 because I just felt different but I didn't want to get DH's hopes up as we had been trying for awhile. So I went to woolies, bought a test, tested in the shopping centre toilets and when it came up positive I went straight back in to woolies and bought a box a 2pk of dummies (cos that's all they had) a jar of baby food a bar of baby soap and nappy pins. I put them all in the box with the test and raced home ( longest 20 min drive ever) and raced through the door handing him the box. We he opened he looked at me and asked what it meant and I said we are having a baby! By this time he had noticed the 2 pack of blue dummies asked what they meant and I asked him what he thought they meant His response..... Oh my god we are having twin boys LOL. I was 4 weeks pregnant, not sure how he thought I could possibly know that and I've never let him live it down LOL.

I was pregnant for weeks and the tests kept coming up negative. It was so confusing because I felt awful and knew something was up with my body. Then one day I had left one out on the bathroom bench and went to chuck it out later - then it had the 2 lines. I then read the instructions and it said you were supposed to wait for a few minutes before chucking the test away... so that was why the others had all been negative. It was still a huge shock though and then I went and bought every brand of test to retest and make sure. Then when I went to the doctor I was expecting a blood test to confirm - the doctor laughed after I told her about all the tests and told me a blood test would be a waste of time and I was definitely pregnant. I still couldn't believe it.

I texted my partner telling him I had something important I needed to talk to him about. We had only been together a month or so but I lived with him. I also asked him to buy eggs for dinner (I was vegan at the time so I was hoping he would figure it out from that and the text - he didn't).

Then I just sat there for ages trying to work out how to say it. After 20 minutes of stammering how I didn't know how to say it I just really quickly said "I'm pregnant" and then ran and buried my face in the pillow and cried.

I loved being a mum and am so glad my daughter was conceived. I don't want to imagine the possibility of such a beautiful little soul never existing - although I have a feeling that she would have somehow come into my life. She was just meant to be with me I think.

More beautiful stories smile

Paris that's a great idea for the second bub. We're TTC out first. As we're trying I bet DF will be right outside the bathroom door and he'll want to no right away. But I did go buy a pack of bonds 000 singlets today just incase he leaves for work early on the day I test smile id love to write a little message on one and put it on his pillow.
Paris, i love that idea smile Also you could get a shirt and paint 'baby' on it with an arrow to you belly, you can use that shirt later to tell everyone else smile
I fell pregnant 3 weeks after our wedding wink My brother got married 5 weeks after us and i felt super super dizzy that night. I told my husband and he was like, 'your pregnant!' (a couple of months before he told his co-worker that she was silly for thinking it was vertigo when she was dizzy and feeling sick when she got out of bed. Turns out she really was pregnant, so now he thinks he is awesome for picking it out wink ) we, somehow, waited another week so i was 1 week late for my period before testing. We looked at the stick together, were both super excited. Although i think we knew already so it was just a confirmation...

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