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HELP! first time pregnant and need ideas for lunches. Lock Rss

Hi all
I work out of my car as i'm on the road so do not have means to heat up lunches-has anyone got any tips on what i can safely eat...i'm stumped. Have tried googling but everything still says to heat...

Can i eat cold chicken?

ANY ideas most welcomed

Its not really ideal that i don't like tuna or the tinned chicken lol

Can you eat cold bacon egg pies?

might have to start making scones etc
Fruits is healthy and great snack just make sure you rinse under water :0

Could always try some salad sandwiches. Can still taste great and are nice and healthy.
What type of things do you like in sandwiches??
A little mayo and cheese makes the sammy taste that much better but it still healthy smile

Home made baking?
Berry Muffins, oatmeal muffins
If u cook the chicken urslef at home in the morning to put on ur sandwhich or how ever and it can be kept cold until lunch time that would be fine, it takes a little while to get used to what u can and cant eat but anything freshly cooked or prepared by urslef is fine, no left overs after 1 day was my rule, hard boiled eggs i loved as a snack, lots of fruit, carrot & celery sticks, salad sandwiches, muffins, muesli bars ect
thanks everyone
i think this is going to be a tricky one.
i might look at investing in one of these to be safe
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