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me again Lock Rss

I ate it while pregnant both times and didn't have any problems. But they do say to stear clear of pre prepared salad and reheated meat (or just regular sandwich meats for that matter)... so probably not a great idea according to the experts smile
As much as I would love to eat Subway, there are too many bad things that go onto that sandwich! Coldmeat = bad
Unwashed salad = bad
Sauces which may contain egg = bad
It's like listeria on a bun!

Can't wait until February when I can eat this stuff again!!

isaiahs mum wrote:
I wouldn'.t have cold meat or mayo anyway why febuary?

I'll be finished breast feeding smile I have to go back to work then so BF at work isn't a realistic option for me. Bring on the Subway and the wine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Little Miss's wrote:

You can eat it once bub is born. It's safe while breastfeeding, if that's what you mean by feb. smile

Really? I didn't know it was safe to eat while BF smile Yay!
Well in that case, I'll be having Subway next month (hopefully)

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