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Braxton Hicks in early pregnancy Lock Rss

Hi everyone

I am 16 weeks pregnant on Thursday with my third baby and in the past few weeks have been having Braxton Hicks contractions. They are not painful just uncomfortable and go away when I move around. I am a little concerned as it seems very early to be having them. In my previous two pregnancies I think I was about 20 weeks when they started. Do you think I need to worry?


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Hi Kristi,

Congrats on your pregnancy. Funny that you should post this question as I have just finished reading an article in Cosmo Pregnancy Magazine that says " Braxton Hicks are more noticable with second pregnancies and by third pregnancies, some women feel them as early as 12 weeks."

Hope this eases your mind.


Hi Kristi,

I have had early braxton hicks with all my pregnancies and had my last two on their due dates, hoping this one on the way is the same... If they get painful like mine at times with other symptons it's always best to get them checked out. Take care hope everything goes well for you and bubs.

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