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Scared about labour Lock Rss

I'm 38 weeks and are getting more scared about labour. I have listened to others experiences and reassurance but I am still feeling anxious.
I had a crap induction first up. Was so awful I changed ob's and hospitals. #2 came in only an hour and a half. So was overwhelming. With #3, I wanted a better experience. I watched and read calm birth stories. Anything positive I could read about the process and getting myself in the right head space. It's not a great experience, pain wise. But it ends as soon as the baby is out. This last time I listened to my body. Had an active labour, birthed in a comfortable position for me. And surrendered to the pain. If you fight it, you kind of hold it all up. Good luck.
U just need to relax, and trust that your body will do the right thing. U were built for it, uv had 9 months to prepare so just go with the flow. People always go on about the pain, it does hurt but its a good pain, its a pain u are meant to feel. U will be surrounded by professionals that have the safety of u and the baby as priority (obviously) so just trust in the system and it will be fine. I had a hard labour with no form of pain relief/intervention whatsoever and it hasnt put me off even the slightest. Ild push another 1 out tomorrow if i
it will all be okay! smile
my biggest piece of advice is; not to listen to all of the labour stories you hear (hard, i know!)
but no two labour stories are the same smile
i was induced, 5 hours of labour, 4 pushes and i had my baby girl in my arms.
i hope this gives you a bit of a sense of relief
i done pregnancy yoga classes 10 weeks leading up to my due date which i think is what kept me calm, remembering all the things they had told me.
since you are due so soon, maybe try a pregnancy yoga dvd or youtube video? smile
i found drinking powerade just before the pushing helped alot.
also a water spray bottle to cool and calm me down, a favourite scent (mine was lavender), lipbalm and ice helped me alot.
goodluck! <3
you will be fine hun! smile

as eringrayce said.. "no two labours are the same" just because someone else had a horrible experience and didnt enjoy their labour doesnt mean you will too..
u will probably surprise yourself smile
How exciting that soon you will meet your little baby! Try to focus on that and not worry yourself with thoughts about a process you really can't predict anything about as every experience is different.
Women have been giving birth since the beginning of time and plenty go back for more. Your body was made for this. Just trust yourself and your body... You can do it!
Try not to worry so much.
Just take each contraction as it comes. Dont think of how many more there will be and remember each contraction is bringing you closer to holding your beautiful baby in your arms.

Be positive...You know you can do it!!

you will be ok
have faith in yourself
I had an epi and I couldnt fill a thing once I had that!
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