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Feeling Blue since pregnancy symptoms started Lock Rss

Hi All,

I'm 7 weeks pregnant and have only known for 1 week. It's been a week of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea (weird enough), tiredness and feeling sad all day. I'm more concerned about this this normal? I'm not excited about my pregnancy even though it took us 10 months to fall pregnant and I should be happy because I wanted a baby. Nothing I do can shake this feeling of mediocrity. I feel down and low...I really hope this is just a first trimester thing and will pass ASAP.

Has anyone experienced this? Please tell me there is a light at the end of this, hopefully "short" tunnel...
It took us 16 month to conceive. When I first fell pregnant I was sick as a dog till 14 weeks, constant nausea vomiting and dizziness I could barely function. I really struggled to feel 'happy' and it was simply because I felt so damn awful all the time I just couldn't see past that. I am now 21 weeks and feel so much better and am really happy and excited about the baby.
Don't be too hard on your self, it is really hard work feeling so sick and trying to function (I didn't do well and had to have a lot of time off work and was permanently on the couch). I hope that you are feeling better soon and hang in there! If when you are feeling less sick the feelings are still hanging around maybe you could go to the GP for a chat? Good luck
There is light!
I am 11 weeks now with my first and from 6-10 I was feeling the same and had the same symptoms as u... It's hard when all you are feeling is sick and tired and you are still yet to see or hear what is doing this to you! Week 9 was the hump for me, once I hit 10 weeks it eased and now I have a rather nasty cold instead, seeing that 12 week mark and having a date for my scan I'm starting to feel excited!
I'm sure you'll feel better- definitely talk to people about it and I hope you have s supportive partner to help x
Thanks Ladies! It is comforting hearing from people who have gone through this. I hope it doesn't turn into something more serious. I'm praying for it to pass asap!
Our body goes through enormous changes in pregnancy and it is all out of our control. This is my 3rd pregnancy and has been my hardest by far and I have had my days of mental exhaustion and feeling low in my first trimester but it did pass and now into my 3rd trimester I feel great emotionally and am very excited.
If you are worried have a chat to your DR.

I know how you feel! I felt rotten from 7-13 weeks. I had no energy and felt nauseous most of the time. It's really horrible, especially at a time when you want to be saying 'Yay, I'm pregnant!' after months of trying. You are normal, don't worry. It's hard to feel happy and chirpy when you have to concentrate on not throwing up.

Once I hit about 15 weeks I found that my energy levels picked up, and so did my mood. Hang in there!

I'm 25 weeks and am finally at the stage where I am enjoying being pregnant. I now get heartburn (just a warning, that can make you quite nauseous too) but at least I can pop a heartburn pill and it goes away smile
Hi all,

I'm not pregnant yet (Will start TTC next month!) but I'm really freaked out by the possibility of bad morning sickness. I already have multiple food intolerances that cause me enough stomach issues as it is.

But my main concern is dealing with work! I have a full time job in an intense marketing role. If I have the slightest headache or feel nauseated, my work suffers. So how am I going to cope if I constantly feel like vomiting throughout the day??

Fingers crossed that it isn't too bad. I guess only time will tell. But do you ladies have any coping mechanisms or suggest anything I could take/do if a wave of nausea hits?
I'm the same!! We tried for our second baby for 8 months, had to overcome a hormone imbalance and then finally it happened! I found out at 4 weeks when my period was due, i was in a daze for a week until i had a bleed and ended up at the hospital, the baby was too small to see in an ultrasound so had to wait til i was further along for another us as well as blood tests to check my hormone levels. all is good now, im 13wks and have been sick since i was 6 weeks, the vomiting has finally stopped but the nausea and dizzy spells aren't going any where, i started a pregnancy journal to complain in mostly lol but i havent been able to feel excited yet because ive been so sick, i think its all the hormones running rampant, i've had depression before so I know the signs, this isn't like depression for me, I know I will eventually feel better and then i can start enjoying my pregnancy.
hope you are feeling better soon! it will get better!!
Wow, it's great hearing others stories. I have been nauseous and vomiting and all that and I'm still getting the "blues". I do think it is a mild case of depression and have seen my doctor. It comes and goes. It prevents me from being "happy" or cheerful. It is different from feeling down because I'm sick. It's so odd because it is far from my normal mood. I have talked to other friends and they say people they know got depression up to 4 months of pregnancy then it goes after that. I'm hoping so bad my will go soon.

In terms of helping nausea I have hot water with lemon. That helps ease the feeling and calms my stomach down. Also eating plain crackers help settle the stomach because one of my symptoms is unable to feel "full" when I eat.

At this point I think i'll just have 1

Thank you to everyone!
It really does get easier and better! I am almost 11 weeks and i had terrible nausea from week 6. Weeks 6-8 were totally debilitating. I couldn't concentrate, was doing the bare minimum at work and having days off. It was horrid and i seriously cried and told my husband that i didn't know how women went back and did this over again, we are having an only child if this is it lol.

But ginger beer worked only after drinking 3/4 of the bottle for me, eating bland food in small amounts regularly and to be honest medication (maxalon). I found those two weeks the most horrid but now it's easing. I've still vomited a couple of times but week 9-10 were much better and now i can think clearly and am getting back to work at normal levels.

To be honest, if you have a really great relationship with your boss, i would consider telling them early in strict confidence if you're worried about your performance at work. Depending on your boss and your role it might be detrimental but if you have a good boss, you might be suprised how understanding they are and they can help take some work load off for a little while until you're feeling better.

I still am not overly excited but i think i will be once i have the 12 weeks scan. At the moment because of the nausea, i just feel like something is wrong with me and i have a serious illness rather than because i'm pregnant. Seeing the next scan will hit home i think...and the tummy is growing now so it's feeling a bit more real.
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