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feeling HEAVY!!! Rss

Hi guys i was just wondering if any other mums to be have this problem. I am preg with my first (nearly 36 weeks) and sometimes i feel a whole lot of pressure in the bottom of my belly and goes right across and sometimes feels really tight. sometimes i can hardly walk!!! i had a review ultrasound last week and my baby is already approx 7.5 pounds so im not sure if thats got anything to do with it.. would love to hear from anyone else!!! XXX
hey, im only 30weeks so im not feeling a lot of pressure like you but maybe your baby has engaged itself in your pelvis? Tightening could maybe be stronger braxton hicks... Im just guessing but i hope it helps
I'm 32 weeks and have been experiencing pain and pressure since 27 weeks, the baby is sitting forward and causing me a lot of grief - especially trying to balance and walk!. The braxton hicks are getting worse and i'm having to get bed rest some days. I don't think the size of the baby is the cause but i hope everything goes well for you.
I felt that way from 30 weeks with my first pregnancy. I was due to have a big baby, so I think that was alot of the reason. I used to walk to and from work (more like waddle) and it became very painful. I gave up work shortly after because I was on my feet all day (I worked in after school hours care) and some of the kids I looked after could become violent. Just think, it will all be over in four weeks, so just put your feet up and try and relax....

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