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Just finding out your pregnant Lock Rss

hey all i just have to blurt out my news to someone.. I had been trying for a little while to become pregnant, my period was late and I took a test, and then a week later another one and to my shock it had those two red lines clear as day, i had to go to the shop and buy more to make sure it was right haha.. went to the doctors on monday and confirmed pregnacy on wensday.. how ever the blood test says im 4 weeks but the date of my last period tells me im 6 weeks, i wont find out until the 22nd of oct so i was wondering just how accurate the blood tests are? and to tell you the truth im trying to stay positive dont want anything bad to happen, i think i might have to just relax this is my first pregancy lol...

You might have just ovulated later than normal. Also from what I have heard HCG levels vary ALOT from person to person, time of day etc, a dating scan would be the most accuarate. You will be fine, relax and enjoy.

Awesome - congratulations!!! I think the blood tests give you an idea where you are in a range, but generally the first scan gives you a better idea - although my GP thinks that if you know when you ovulated, that's better again, as even at 6-7 weeks there are significant size differences between different embryos (my partner is tall and built like a tank, so based on size I'm either 8 or 9 weeks).

Brilliant - enjoy the ride + hope you're feeling well !
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