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5 weeks pregnant and very bloated Lock Rss


I am 5 weeks pregnant and feeling very bloated,my belly is very big... This is my second pregnancy, I didn't experience that in my first pregnancy.

Has anybody experienced that before?

I have the same case as the first post. What the best solution?
I also have this problem! I'm 7 weeks and have really bad bloating and a big tummy too, not sure if it's to do with pregnancy or not.

Well im not currently pregnant but I have had four pregnancies. my youngest 15mths 6yrs 8yrs and the oldest 10 and yes this is quite common as with your first pregnancy your whole body has to form and develop to prepare to carry where as with your pregnancies there after your body is already pretty much done the preparing and stretching and developing so its pretty much a matter of putting back on the extra protection padding.Also another huge contributing factor that determines what shape you take on and how quickly is of course the babies sex.But as you know the sex of the baby isnt determined until a number of weeks into your pregnancy
I am 4 weeks pregnant with my second baby and I am having this problem too.
Drinking peppermint tea helps me with my bloating
This is my 3rd pregnancy and I am 9 weeks along. I am so bloated I look bigger than I did when I was about 20 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I've put it down to the fact that I'm eating really different food to usual to try to combat morning sickness - like lots of toast and icy poles! I'm wearing flowing dresses and going with it.

I'm 5 week and am having the same problem, it's so bad I'm nearly not fitting into my work uniform! Grrrr it's so annoying hey?
I never had this with my first bub.
I had this exact same problem. I have also put on a heap of weight too, and I am normally quite slim. For me, there was absolutely no solution. The bloating was accompanied with indigestion and later on heaps of morning sickness (without throwing up). I just always felt like my food had never finished digesting. I would eat dinner and wake up still being able to feel it all undigested in my stomach the next day. Eating oranges and anything else citris helped.

I could not for a second hide the fact that I was pregnant due to this. All I can say is by the time that the morning sickness went away about 14-16 weeks, the bloating did as well, and although I was bigger than when I was bloated I felt a lot thinner and attractive. I feel great now at 21 weeks.

I would buy a belly belt and belly band asap. I refused to do this until too late because the thought of walking around with my zip undone made me feel even more disgusting, but when I actually tried them out I regretted not doing it a lot sooner because I looked so much better than in clothes that were too big for me.
Thanks ladies, actually this week about 30% of my bloating is gone, which feels better.
I used fenugreek seeds. Soaked handful of fenugreek seeds in a glass of water overnight and then the next morning discard the seeds. Keep sipping this water to get rid of gas and bloating. Followed few tips like drinking plenty of water and exercising. All these helped me. Check here for more tips to avoid bloating
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