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What week did you give birth for your first pregnancy? Lock Rss

Hi Ladies! I heard that women can have their baby two weeks after their due date for their first pregnancy. Id like to know which week did you give birth? thanks smile
41w1d waters broke. 24 hours later, after induction (41w2d) baby born.

RIP Muffin. 25/06/95 - > 09/05/14

39+5 DD was born.

DD was born at 38+5, labour started naturally

First we had Each Other, Then we had You, Now we have Everything

My first birth was at 41+3, went into labour on the day I was booked in for induction laugh

DS was born at 35+5 weeks via emergency csection after they'd previously stopped my early labour more than once at 24wks, 28wks, 32wks... with him being in distress from the stop start labour n him being HUGE, stuck and done a poo while in utero, they delivered him (I'd been in labour just under 10 full hrs with him before the csection).
Funnily enough his pregnancy was complicated n he insisted on trying to come early from the beginning but DD my second child was too stubborn to actually wanna come before my booked csection date at 38+1 weeks despite being a tad smaller n fully engaged for 6-7wks!! Ouch lol!
God they were so different lol - wondering what this one will be like tongue

DS1 was born at 40+4 weeks and DS2 was born at 41+4 weeks.and was scheduled for an induction 41+5 but luckily he finally decided to make his debut

DS was born 39+6 weeks, came naturally.
36+4 Spontaneous Labour

Dd #1 40 + 6 weeks took labour tonic was in labour for 17 and a half hours

Dd#2 40+1weeks .
Due date. Spontaneous labour.

41+6 - he came the day before a booked induction smile
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