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Hi all

I have my 19 week scan next week and we have the option to find out the sex of our unborn baby if we wish.
This is our first baby and initially I didn't want to find out but my husband did. Now I'm a bit curious which has cheered him up as he really does want to know.

What have your experiences been like? Did you find out? Would you keep it a secret?


Yeah I'm leaning more toward finding out but am thinking we will keep it a secret from everyone else so only we know.. is that what you did?

I found out with DS and DD and again with this one (a boy!) grin I'm impatient and HAVE to be organized so liked being able to pick out names, refer to them by their name before birth, shop in gender specific colours n do up their room in a theme (neutral Winnie the pooh anyway at first), etc. I LOVED knowing and I'll continue to find out smile
It's individual preference though... I'm a very curious impatient person lol tongue

V_1990 - I'm impatient too! I thought I didn't want to know but who am I kidding, I'm the most impatient person ever!

We won't tell people though, it will be good for us to bond with our baby knowing it's gender and have that extra time knowing if it's a he or she before the rest of the world has to know.

Thanks for your help guys!

We are doing the same as Mum Of 3 Cuties, found out the sex and it was surprise when we found out, we tell people if they ask but we are not telling the name we have chosen until after baby joins us.

we did the same as Mum of 3 cuties. we found out that we were having a boy and it was a huge surprise as everyone thought we were going to have a girl. my sister had already bought some pink things so she had to go exchange them for blue things. smile defiently helps knowing the sex, i found that alot of babies clothing is either for a boy or a girl and that there wasnt that much neutral clothing. we kept the name secret from everybody else though until he was born but we started calling him by his name when it was just us as soon as we found out that he was a boy. grin

We found out for both & kept the sex & name choices a secret. We have a boy & girl, but each time I only bought a handful of things & luckily I never go busted. I kept the gender specific stuff hidden & only had the neutral stuff out. We didn't buy alot of clothes etc till after they were born

We kept it a secret for 2 reasons, it was something special for DH & I, that no one else knew & I was paranoid they would get it wrong, so I didn't want to be ready for a boy & get a girl...
You may be interested in taking a look at our Baby Gender Prediction articles too smile
DH and I wanted it to be a surprise for everyone, including ourselves. smile It was quite difficult having everything organised especially with baby clothes and gear, but the challenge made it all the more exciting for us I guess? We have a safari theme for the nursery and most of bub's newborn stuff are gender-neutral, lots of greens, yellows, and blues.

Interesting to note that DH "felt" that we were going to have a boy early on in the pregnancy, and I did too subconsciously, seeing that we have a lot of blue stuff (I convinced myself that blue is gender-neutral ha ha).

We had two names on standby for a girl and a boy. And we kept those a secret 'til bub was born. smile

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