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Final weeks! Lock Rss

well I am now well and truely on the way to meeting this little person!
my preg has been trouble free this is my third after a 9 year break...what ever posessed me to do all this again!!at @ 30 weeks my BP rose to 135/70..although doc said it was ok and everything else has been good til now!
my poor feet or foot..right foot is feeling puffy so I try and rest it often..but my mind just wants to keep moving..poor body! I havent suffered any leg cramps which I suffered with both my previous pregs phew..and indegestion I have managed very well by eating a raw carrot before bed..a relief!!
now I go to the docs weekly...bub was breech til last week then decided to go oblique..head down towards left hip..funny lil one! tomorrow I find out where bub is sitting as doc threatened c-section but I think we got a bit of time!
the last three days I have been feeling a little off tho feeling hot in face, BH's often and almost diahorria like poo's sorry for least I havent got constipation!! heheI have been franticly cleaning and getting bubs stuff ready..arrgh!
will try come back tomorrow and update what I find out from doc!!!
takecare all
Jacqui xox

Hi Jacqui,

I'll be waiting for your update - best to you and yours.

Karen, mum to 7 wonderful children, Qld

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