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take away sandwiches etc Lock Rss


Just wondering what your take on buying sandwiches from or cafe or sandwich bar are? I'm not sure, it's a lovely warm day, i'm at work, and would really just like a sandwich.

is it risky, what's the risk (ie i know not ham etc), what do you do/eat for lunch at work or if out and about?


i should add that i'm pregnant... smile
I would say that its safe as long as everything is in a cooled cabinet,
Maybe avoid chicken and ham and go for egg and salad if they are pre made.As a customer its in their best interest to answer all concerns that you have and also to make it fresh from scratch while you watch.Then tomorrow you could take all of your own bread and salads and meats to work then you know where everything has come from and you can still make up your sandwhiches fresh.
I wouldn't touch anything with meat or egg. A salad sandwich made at home or fruit etc is what I'd be taking to work smile's me..Blee wink

We have a list of foods to avoid during pregnancy on our site, which you might find helpful smile
Nope! Freshly made salad sandwich no sauces is fine -meat and eggs nope!

Both my pregnancies I followed the guidelines too the best of my knowledge. And honestly its not hard.

Lunch ideas
Bring ingredients for your sandwich to work in a lunch box that has dividers so you can make it fresh when your ready to eat. (You could make it at home and bring it but I find its more enjoyable when not soggy.)

Crackers with your choice of topping like pickles, cheese, Vegemite, tomato
corn thins with flavour and or topping
Flavoured tin of tuna on salad or sandwich
reheat left overs to boiling

Fresh cooked hit food- not kfc etc best to go to privately owned shop so you know when you say fresh you're getting fresh

Fruits are good too.

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

thanks everyone
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